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Josh Duhamel admits disappointed by "Jupiter's Legacy" being cancelled

Writer: Heidi Hsia

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21 Jun – Although he didn't seem too affected by it at first, Josh Duhamel admitted that he was actually heartbroken over Netflix's decision to cancel "Jupiter's Legacy" before it can really pay off the build-up from its first season.

The actor, who sat down for an interview with Cinema Blend, revealed that he was disappointed as much as the fans upon finding out about the decision, seeing that the show did generate a lot of views for Netflix.

"We all worked very hard on that and promoted it very hard and thought we made a really good show, and I think [with] the audience, it performs so well and continues to do really well. We were a little bit surprised by it not getting renewed," he said.

Duhamel admitted that he didn't see the show going more than two to three seasons as it would have fulfilled what the graphic novels were written for it, but that the series should at least have season two.

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"[The] second season was going to be so much fun because it had the makings of this modern tragedy where some pretty dark stuff happens to The Utopian. And I was excited creatively to do that. I'm not sure the reasoning for it. I'm grateful for the opportunity to have done it, and I think we all did a really good job on it. But this is the way of the business, you take your lumps. Just because you got something great, it can be undone. You have to kind of roll with it. It's disappointing," he said.

And although there is no possibility of a second season, Duhamel expressed hope that the producers would do a feature where they could show what would have happened in the second season.

"I don't know if they'll do it or not, but all those costumes are ready to go. And they weren't cheap, I'll tell you that much," he said.

On the other hand, the actor's upcoming movie, "Shotgun Wedding" with Jennifer Lopez will be released in theatres on 29 June 2022.

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