Eric Tsang expresses interest in Syafiq Yusof's "Sheriff 2"

Eric Tsang expresses interest in Syafiq Yusof's "Sheriff 2"

Super awesome to have Eric Tsang in the
Super awesome to have Eric Tsang in the "Sheriff" sequel
10 June - Eric Tsang recently expressed his interest to star in Malaysian director Syafiq Yusof's future film after a meeting with the filmmaker in Hong Kong.

The encounter was shared by the "Sheriff: Narko Integriti" director himself on social media, as he posted a photo of him with Eric, as well as a short clip of the Hong Kong veteran saying, "This is my director. He wants me to make a gangster movie. Crazy!"

Syafiq wrote, "I had a chance of meeting Eric Tsang, an industry legend in Hong Kong... We talked for a while, and he is a humble man who has lots of experience. The most unforgettable thing he said to me was 'Hong Kong is small but our films travel the world because we shoot until we cry'. This means that they made movies to their last breath without compromise."

He added that he will forever cherish the advice.

"Sheriff: Narko Integriti" has been in theatres in Hong Kong since 6 June
Syafiq also revealed that Eric even helped promote "Sheriff" and expressed interest to be in the sequel if there should be one.

The post attracted a lot of attention from local fans who are familiar or grew up with Eric's works, with one saying, "Sheriff 2 will be even more awesome if Eric is in it!"

It is noted that Syafiq has mentioned that "Sheriff" was a love letter from him to the many Hong Kong police-themed films that he watched as a child.

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