CO Movie Day: "Percy Jackson 2"

CO Movie Day: "Percy Jackson 2"

Congratulations to our winners!

12 Aug – Percy Jackson and Camp Half-Blood are back for their second adventure and Cinema Online's contest winners are among the lucky ones who got to catch an early screening of the film last week at Cathay Cineplex, eCurve!

Titled "Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters", the film is a sequel to the 2010 film "Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief" and continues the adventures of Percy Jackson and his friends, as they search for the Golden Fleece at the titular Sea of Monsters to save an ailing magical tree that protects their home from foes. Although the original cast consisting of Logan Lerman, Brandon T. Jackson, Alexandra Daddario and Jake Abel return to reprise their roles for the second film, note that the film will see a change of pacing and cinematography as "Diary Of A Wimpy Kid" director Thor Freudenthal takes over from director Chris Columbus.

So what does this mean for fans of the film? Read on to find out what they think!

Koay Su Jian: I rate the film 3.5/5. What I didn't like about the film was the storyline since it seemed a little rushed compared to the first film. The first film is definitely better for me.

Jennifer Teh Yinlin: The film is only a 2.5/5 for me. The first one was so much better than the second, although I didn't really expect much out of it since it is marketed as a standard, clichéd family fare.

"Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters" is currently showing in cinemas nationwide!

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