CO Movie Day: "Earth: One Amazing Day"

CO Movie Day: "Earth: One Amazing Day"

Cinema Online winners watched "Earth: One Amazing Day" last night at TGV Cinemas One Utama.

28 Nov – After a decade, the highly-anticipated sequel of the nature documentary "Earth" titled "Earth: One Amazing Day" is set to meet its audience this 30 November 2017.

The passes for "Earth: One Amazing Day".

However, the documentary was screened for Cinema Online winners last night at TGV Cinemas One Utama, which received an overwhelming response.

Cinema Online winner Lee Chee Hon is here with his friend.

Andrew's friends helped him to collect his tickets!

The winners from last night were mostly nature and animal lovers who were astounded and attracted by the documentary's breath-taking trailer. One of the winners Harjun Singh cited, "I love documentaries and movies about our planet earth, and from the trailer, this movie looks like it's going to be great!"

Harjun said the last documentary he watched was "An Inconvenient Truth".

Timothy's parents came to watch the documentary in his place!

Another winner Yim Kit Yoong said that she has always been a fan of documentaries, and the last documentary she watched was about polar bears!

We think the documentary that Yim watched was "Polar Bears: Spy on the Ice".

Choong Meng Jung comes to collect his passes.

Meanwhile, there are also some winners who wanted to experience watching a documentary on the big screen, like Raymond Mong, who isn't particularly a documentary fan but wanted to try out something new.

Raymond Mong usually watches documentary on the TV in his house.

It is also Nithiananthan's first time watching a documentary in the cinema.

Directed by Richard Dale and Lixin Fan featuring the voices of Robert Redford and Jackie Chan, "Earth: One Amazing Day" takes audience on an astonishing journey across continents and oceans highlighting the beauty of nature and the everyday lives of animals.

Catch it in cinemas this 30 November 2017!

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