Famous faces behind "The LEGO Movie"

Famous faces behind "The LEGO Movie"

If there is one thing that makes this movie awesome, it's going to be the voice cast.

Remember as kids we used to play with our favourite LEGO minifigures, giving them voices as if they could talk? With nearly up to 100 LEGO minifigures from the various themed sets making their big screen debut in this first full-length theatrical adventure from our favourite brick company, you will be able to hear what some of your most beloved figure characters would actually sound like, with a few sounding better than you'd expect! With "The LEGO Movie" big screen release, we've compiled a character guide for the movie with the famous voice cast playing them so that you won't have to guess whose voice is it you'll be hearing onscreen.


Emmet, voiced by Chris Pratt ("Parks And Recreation" and "Guardians Of The Galaxy"), is the most ordinary minifigure in all of Bricksburg, who has never deviated from the instruction booklet he keeps beside him at all times. As a construction worker who works for President Business, Emmet hopes that one day he will be popular, even though his crew mates has never noticed that he was even there. Emmet's ordinary days would be over though when a beautiful stranger and a prophecy about his special destiny comes to light.


Wyldstyle is a Master Builder who is a free-spirit, is streetwise and an independent figure that always questions something that is wrong. Though there might be something going on between this wild lady with the voice of Elizabeth Banks and the destined Emmet, she won't be falling in love so easily, especially with a growling boyfriend (more on that later).


Vitruvius is the old wizard who prophesised the coming of a 'Special' Master Builder that will save all of Bricksburg. Even though Emmet is unsure of himself as the Special, we'd think anyone would be able to learn to believe in themselves from the sagely wisdom given by the voice of Morgan Freeman.

President Business / Lord Business

President Business is the successful CEO and president of the Octan Corporation. When he is not busy running his massive multimedia empire or micro-managing every detail of his life by day, he becomes Lord Business and plots for world domination over the LEGO universe with his army of robots, by night. We can't think of any other voice for such villainy than Will Ferrell's.

Bad Cop / Good Cop

Bad Cop is the most loyal henchmen of Lord Business and the enforcer of his evil plans. Raised in a family of cops, he always had a Good Cop in him but it was suppressed by Lord Business so that he can do his evil bidding. Good or bad, even if Liam Neeson doesn't change his voice between the two personalities, we would equally be afraid and assured at the same time.


Metalbeard is a Nick Offerman-sounding pirate who had lost his body parts to Lord Business and had to built an entire (and more awesome) body for himself from scratch. Since then, he has been bent on revenge against Lord Business and would join any motley crew against him.


For someone who works mostly alone and sometimes in very very dark grey, it's quite a surprise how a Will Arnett from "Arrested Development" voiced Batman can be the boyfriend of Wyldstyle.


Even if we only get to see a yellow Superman with detachable body parts, the ladies will be fine in listening to Channing Tatum's voice to be swept off their feet.

Wonder Woman

With her super strength and armed with the Lasso of Truth, you will need someone like Cobie Smulders from TV's "How I Met Your Mother" to be the voice of Wonder Woman.

Green Lantern

After acquiring the ring from the crash site of an alien craft, Hal Jordan had become the Green Lantern of Sector 2814, funnily voiced by Jonah Hill.


Benny is a spaceman from the 80s, because of his cracked helmet had one too little oxygen to the head. We can't wait to hear if Charlie Day would talk about his obsession for spaceships, just like he did for the Kaijus in "Pacific Rim".


Alison Brie from the TV series "Community" will voice Uni-Kitty, a Master Builder from Cloud Cuckoo Land. Half unicorn and half kitten, Uni-Kitty always makes sure she dresses according to wherever she goes or to reflect her mood.

Abraham Lincoln

In the LEGO universe, the 16th President of the United States is a Master Builder who lives in a log cabin in the woods all built by himself, where he spends his days settling disputes between other Master Builders. We don't know how big a role will Abraham Lincoln play in "The LEGO Movie", but from we've heard so far in the trailer, we think that Will Forte will make for a convincing Honest Abe.

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