The Ninjas of "The LEGO Ninjago Movie"

The Ninjas of "The LEGO Ninjago Movie"

It's go time for the Secret Ninja Force.

Not only are we back with another brick-filled adventure in the same year as "The LEGO Batman Movie", this time the LEGO movie franchise is being tested with its own property to see whether they would stick well with audiences. Based on the LEGO set, Ninjago is the first existing LEGO property to be given the big-screen treatment. Already having its own running television series, "The LEGO Ninjago Movie" will be a divergence that starts its own canon, with a new cast of characters.

Directed by "Tron: Uprising" director Charlie Bean, Warner Bros. and LEGO are not taking any chances with this outing, and they have assembled an admirable star-studded cast to carry forward this potential franchise.

Dave Franco as Lloyd

Lloyd is the shunned son of the evil lord Garmadon by day, and the leader of the Secret Ninja Force by night. As the Green Ninja who masters the element of Force, Lloyd is also a Master Builder in the LEGO universe. Always living in the shadow of his father's evil deeds and magnanimous presence, Lloyd daily life is often ruined by his father's reputation but still seeks redemption with his father. Dave Franco voices the meekly Lloyd, and that's pronounced as 'Le-lyod'.

Michael Peña as Kai

Kai the Red Ninja is a fiercely loyal and protective member of the Secret Ninja Force. Like his element of Fire, Kai spreads around a burning energy of compassion and is always ready with a hug. A Master Builder who controls a mech that has flamethrowers, Kai is alos the brother to Nya, and is always fired up when there are enemies to fight. Michael Peña will pump his enthusiasm as the voice of Kai.

Abbi Jacobson as Nya

While her brother let's his passion spread like wildfire, Nya is the focused embodiment of precision and confidence. The only female member of the Secret Ninja Force, Nya is a formidable and independent Ninja of Water, who looks up to Lady Iron Dragon as her inspiration. Abbi Jacobson shows her tough side as the voice of Nya and watch out when she thunders through corridors of Ninjago High School with her bike.

Zach Woods as Zane

The White Ninja is no ordinary member of the Secret Ninja Force. Part boy and part Nindroid, Zane is programmed to be happy and open with his opinions at all times, but doesn't quite understand the concepts of sarcasm and old-fashioned pop culture references. True to his cold and calculating nature, Zane masters the element of Ice and has a plethora of gadgets installed in him. Zach Woods provides the mechanic voice for Zane, and is not afraid of increasing pressure dramatically (during hugs).

Fred Armisen as Cole

Quiet and brooding, Cole loves to smash things as the Black Ninja of the Secret Ninja Force. Despite being the silent type, Cole has a huge passion for music, whether it be the electronica that decks the control panel of his mech, or the flute played by Master Wu. Fred Armisen voices the Ninja of Earth, but also lets his hammer do some of the talking.

Kumail Nanjiani as Jay

Nervous and unsure of himself, the Blue Ninja of the Secret Ninja Force rarely speaks up for himself, even towards Nya whom he truly adores. But when it comes to fighting enemies, Jay can be a dangerous live wire as he zaps them with his Lightning powers. Coming from a close knit family, Jay is able to sympathise what Lloyd is going through and proves to be a loyal companion voiced by Kumail Nanjiani.

Jackie Chan as Master Wu

The founder of the Secret Ninja Force, Master Wu trains the six ninjas to defeat Garmadon; his evil brother. Always training his apprentices to find their inner peace (or is it piece?), Sensei Wu wields the power of creation. Jackie Chan gives the words of wisdom as the voice of Wu.

Justin Theroux as Garmadon

With glowing red eyes that shed tears of flame and four katana-wielding arms, Garmadon has dreamt the day that he will conquer Ninjago City. With his sharp fangs and horns, Garmadon is like a shark who can smell fear, and fear is what he spreads wherever he goes, including to his generals. Brother to Master Wu, no one really knows why Garmadon is so hell-bent on taking over Ninjago City, or if he is the most dangerous threat of them all. Justin Theroux spreads terror as the voice of Garmadon, but also as a confused father.

Olivia Munn as Koko

Enamoured by his ambitious dreams to conquer the world, Misako, or fondly called Koko, married Garmadon and gave birth to Lloyd, only to find out that Garmadon's dream were quite literal. Hoping that her son would not be raised to be a fearmongering tyrant, she ran away with Llyod while he was still a baby to give him a normal life. Smart, strong, independent and fearful that her son would get into harm's way, Koko is voiced by Olivia Munn and would do anything to protect her son.

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