Movies Not to Miss: May 2018

Movies Not to Miss: May 2018

Which of these are you going to watch?

May this year ends up being the middle child, stuck between some highly anticipated titles for the franchise followers, and some rather hard to pin titles that wouldn't fit in the summer releases nor the award types that follow after (except for one).

May is a pretty much a mixed bag in continuation of last month's themes. Unless you are a fan of anime, action or Asian movies (or Asian action movies!), there's not much else to choose from. So it might be worth going out to see something that you are not used to, once you are done with the heavy hitters.

If you need a little help on choosing what to see this May, here are our picks on what's not to miss this May!

Horror has been doing well from the start of the year and could continue its streak this month. Blumhouse has already become a household name for taking otherwise run-of-the-mill horror premises with an added twist. This time, they are gunning to change your expectations on the classic game of truth or dare, where a group of friends seem be haunted by a spirit who compels them to complete their choices or face grave consequences. This one sounds like the making of every Blumhouse horror that has come before, low-budget, starring a relatively unheard Lucy Hale, but with the added benefit of the director of "Kick Ass 2" and a creepy face filter. This is one for the Blumhouse fans.

General Release Date: 3 May

Former novelist turned screenwriter Tam Wai Ching is no stranger for being the pen behind some of China's major action blockbusters such as "Call of Heroes", "White Storm" and "Operation Mekong", but she will be making her directorial feature debut in this character-driven exploration of the Oedipus complex. Made with a grant as part of Hong Kong's First Film Initiative, it is produced and stars veteran actress Carina Lau as a homeroom teacher who suspects her husband is having an affair. Upcoming youngster Siu Hin Ng plays as a high school student living under the oppression of an alcoholic father, and a forbidden bond is formed between teacher and student. Tam had wanted to expand her first short-film that touches on the same subjects, so we are up to see what she can do with a much longer runtime.

General Release Date: 3 May

Redefining his career from a comedy actor to a sculpted action star, and then on to being a director, Nick Cheung has immensely expanded his repertoire and staying power in the business today. After coming off commendable efforts for directing two supernatural-based features, while still foraging for roles in more recent years, this time director Nick Cheung seems to be out with a full-blown action thriller with "The Trough". Although Nick Cheung does appear, the lead role goes to another Cheung, Kai-Chung, who plays as an undercover cop sent to investigate the relations between the government and the triad. Made with similar aesthetics as his "Keeper of Darkness" (both good and bad), this is the next title to watch for those watching Nick Cheung's filmography as a director.

General Release Date: 3 May

An unexpected combination of comedians and an Oscar-nominated actress in a twisty noir thriller, centred on two assassins who are sent out on a high-risk, high reward job before they realise that the lady waiting at their table could be more involved in their job. Written and directed by Vaughn Stein, who directs his first feature length, after serving as a second unit director for "Beauty and the Beast" (the live-action 'naughty' one), Marc Foster's "World War Z" and Ron Howard's "In the Heart of the Sea", among many. Already scoring pretty well on the production design and having Simon Pegg and Mike Myers under the thumb of Margot Robbie, we hope to find more satisfying twists to take note of this director that could get us confused with the other director that has Vaughn in his name.

General Release Date: 11 May

In a year cornered early by Marvel, there are probably some who have been anticipating to see a sequel of "Deadpool" more than the combined might of the Avengers. Despite some setbacks before and during production, "Deadpool 2" continues the life of the Merc with the Mouth until a time-traveling mutant enters to eliminate a mutant boy. Directed by David Leitch of "John Wick" and "Atomic Blonde" fame, other new additions are Josh Brolin, who is back to our screens as his second Marvel character, along with Zazie Beetz, Terry Crews and Julian Dennison, who form the X-Force, no doubt as fodder for Deadpool to make 4th-wall breaking remarks about heroes assembled.

General Release Date: 17 May

With the possibility of there never ever being another "Mad Max" sequel as its put into question by legal troubles, we were not expecting this road movie to hijack the bandwagon. When a prince of a dying queen sets out into the desert wilderness to find a cure for his mother, he stumbles upon a killer machine robot after being set upon by roving band of bandits led by a crazed warlord. The names on the cast is one you wouldn't expect to see together, starting off with Lucy Liu as the dying queen, James Franco as the warlord, Suki Waterhouse in possibly her breakthrough role and Milla Jovovich as a drug lord, probably doing the same things without the "Resident Evil" label. Co-directed by James Franco and Bruce Thierry Cheung, anyone with a soft spot for the outrageous post apocalypse genre may want to watch this in all its campy glory for a post-"Mad Max" world.

General Release Date: 25 May

Christmas comes early this year with another story from the Star Wars universe. As the second spin-off from the Star Wars Story anthology, this one focuses on the scoundrel Han Solo and his early days partnering with Chewbacca and Lando Calrissian. Originally directed Phil Lord and Christopher Miller before they were replaced by Ron Howard, much like "Rogue One" the cast is nothing short of stellar. Other than Alden Ehrenreich who would need to prove that he has the confidence and charm of a young Solo, the rest of the cast with Emilia Clarke, Woody Harrelson, Donald Glover, Thandie Newton, and Paul Bettany would be a welcomed sight on screen.

General Release Date: 24 May

Award-winner Louis Khoo and Francis Ng star in this father-son dramedy, as Khoo is a failed movie director with financial and marital problems while Ng is an old father with dementia. Adapted from a Japanese play and premiered at the Tokyo International Film Festival last year, Roy Szeto's adaptation reads like a light-hearted case of "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button", as the father starts shedding his skin and becomes younger. Ng was initially reluctant to take on all the role at all ages but was later convinced to play his character at different age levels, earning him a nomination for Best Actor at last year's Hong Kong Film Awards.

General Release Date: 24 May

We may be due for another Wes Anderson outing, but we weren't expecting him to come back with his second venture in stop-motion animation. Rather than adapting one of his favorite authors, "Isle of Dogs" is an original story written by Wes Anderson, Roman Coppola, Jason Schwartzman and Kunichi Nomura, about a Japanese island where dogs are exiled to after a canine outbreak. For anyone who has seen "The Fantastic Mr. Fox", they would know how much fine control Anderson has in an animated medium, so we are fully expecting to see his visual trademarks that we know and love. Also another treat is the magnificent (voice) cast gathered, this time led by Bryan Cranston, with Edward Norton, Bill Murray, Jeff Goldblum, Scarlett Johansson, Harvey Keitel, Tilda Swinton, Ken Watanabe, Greta Gerwig, Frances McDormand, and even Yoko Ono.

General Release Date: 31 May

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