"The Conjuring" doll gets spin-off

"The Conjuring" doll gets spin-off

Annabelle finally gets to terrify audiences again on the silver screen.

12 Nov – After the tremendous success of James Wan's "The Conjuring", it is no surprise that a sequel has already been commissioned, but what is surprising is that Warner Bros. and New Line have announced their plans for a prequel revolving around the creepy Annabelle doll.

No fewer than three "micro budget" spin-off projects are currently in planning, the first of which will be titled "The Annabelle Story". The spin-off will be a prequel to the opening events of "The Conjuring", before the doll came into the possession of the three roommates. Paranormal investigators have explained that the doll is not possessed, but instead used as a medium by an evil spirit to scare one of the two girls into a vulnerable state for possession.

Would you like to see Annabelle again?

Cinematographer John R. Leonetti, who was in charge of the cinematography for "The Conjuring", will be directing "The Annabelle Story". However, whether the micro budget film will stand alone or form part of an anthology along with the other two has yet to be revealed.

Production is speculated to begin next month, although no writers have been found yet for "The Annabelle Story". Meanwhile, "The Conjuring 2" is still in development, with Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga to reprise their roles as Ed and Lorraine Warren. Chad and Carey Hayes will also return to write the screenplay.

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