"Cicakman 3" may be screened in Paris

"Cicakman 3" may be screened in Paris

The cast of "Cicakman 3".

4 Mar – KRU Studios Executive Producer, Norman Abdul Halim, revealed that superhero movie "Cicakman 3" has received an offer from Paris to be screened in the cinemas there; aside from being shown in Thailand, Singapore and Brunei.

"We received requests from Singapore and Brunei as well as France and Thailand for the previous "Cicakman" movie. We have also received requests for this latest movie but nothing is set in stone yet," said Norman to Cinema Online during the premiere of "Cicakman 3" last night.

Norman Abdul Halim.

He added that the previous "Cicakman" was also available in a French version.

Director Yusry Abdul Halim said that "Cicakman 3" is not a reboot, it is made in order to return to the original concept of the movie.

Yusry Abdul Halim.

"Cicakman 3" retains the movie series' action comedy genre, with funnier and more laid-back jokes, more action, and dramatic elements that will touch the heart.

"The fictional city of Metrofulus has been upgraded in terms of its look with the usage of cleaner and smoother CGI works, a result of the much-improved visual effect artists in KRU Studios, which has now entered its tenth year in the movie industry."

Yusry is also confident that the movie, co-directed with Ghaz Abu Bakar, is by far his best production. "This is the best film I have ever directed, not only from the technical aspect but more importantly because of the storytelling – achieved through working together with Ghaz and professional screenwriters from the three biggest studios in Malaysia."

"Cicakman 3", a joint-production of KRU Studios, Astro Shaw and Grand Brilliance, starring Zizan Razak, Lisa Surihani, Fizz Fairuz and more, is sticking onto the big screen this 12 March.

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