Zizan and Lisa talk "Cicakman 3"

Zizan and Lisa talk "Cicakman 3"

(L-R) Zizan Razak, Lisa Surihani and Fizz Fairuz.

At the filming launch of "Cicakman 3" last week, Cinema Online sat down with its star leads Zizan Razak and Lisa Surihani. We talked about their excitement at being casted in Yusry Abdul Halim's superhero film, their characters in "Cicakman 3", what working together would be like, what to expect in the coming film and more. Read on to find out and be warned that there will be minor spoilers.

Cinema Online's interview with Zizan Razak and Lisa Surihani was conducted at Peninsula Residence, All Suite Hotel on 24 July 2013.

Hi Zizan and Lisa! So are you excited to be working together for a superhero film?
Yes! Although this is not the first time that we have worked together in a film, it is the first time I'm in a superhero film, I think, and also working with Fizz Fairuz at the same time.

Zizan: Yes, when they offered me the job, I was very surprised because me, a superhero? I didn't accept it immediately, but after I read through the script, I thought it sounded great, and KRU kept on persuading me to do it, so I had to!

Are you looking forward to trying out the Cicakman costume? Yusry said that you'll be getting a new costume.
Actually, I've already tried on the old Cicakman costume that Saiful Apek wore and it fits so there's that. They've also outfitted me with the new costume, but it was really claustrophobic to tell you the truth. First they put me in a tight-fitting spandex, then they put the mask over my face which covers everything save for my mouth so it was a bit hard to see and breathe. Then they poured some cement over my head to get a sort of mould, and it really weighed down on my head and I could hear my own breathing and heart pounding. Five minutes in it seemed like an hour!

It sounds really exciting yet horrible for you at the same time! Can you tell us more about your character?
I play Man, who is a diehard Cicakman fan. He collects all these Cicakman memorabilia and paraphernalia and is something of a joker and childish guy. His behaviour soon gets on the nerves of his wife, Linda – that's Lisa – and she decides to leave him. Oh, Man is also a father to an eight-year-old boy named Boboy.

Lisa: My character is actually a very patient woman, and she loves Man, but sometimes she wishes that he would grow up. Actually, Linda, Man and Adam, who is played by Fizz Fairuz, are best friends who went to the same school. Adam, who has become a policeman secretly likes Linda, and is angry with Man for stealing her away.

The cast and crew signing three for "Cicakman 3"!

How will you differentiate your character from Saiful Apek's Hairi in "Cicak Man" and "Cicakman 2 – Planet Hitam"?
This time, Yusry is aiming for a more personal story with relationship conflicts. "Cicakman 3" is about how Man becomes Metrofulus's own superhero, and in the process, learns to take responsibility for things in his life. When the film begins, Man and Linda are already fighting. It's back to the question of my character. Man cannot understand why Linda cannot accept him as he is; why she keeps saying that he needs to grow up, because Man has always been the same guy that she knew before he married her and Linda has always laughed at his jokes. Eventually, he realises that the problem is that he has never changed at all even with all the added responsibilities and that everyone he knows has changed. Even Metrofulus – the fictional city in "Cicakman" – has changed; the city no longer sees Cicakman as relevant when they have SuperBro.

Did you have to do any special workout to play Cicakman?
I do have to go to the gym to get myself in shape for Cicakman, but nothing major because I've played a lot of characters in action films before.

What was it like to work with Lisa Surihani on the film? Do you feel awkward since the director, Yusry, is also Lisa's husband?
Yes, I always have to ask permission from Yusry before I do anything! [Laughs] No, because I'm friends with Lisa. I try to stay away from overly intimate scenes as a whole, but both Yusry and Lisa are very open-minded and professional.

Lisa: A lot of people asked me the same question as well, but I don't think it is a big deal because my husband is the one who came up with the script! People are like, "Oh, I don't believe that your husband doesn't get jealous," but I tell them "He's the one who told me to hold his hand or say that line to Zizan!" My husband is a very professional person, and when it comes to work, all he cares about is how to make a good film, so he will brainstorm with us on how we can make our characters seem more intimate to make the story more realistic without having to resort to controversial scenes to sell the movie.

What can fans expect for "Cicakman 3"?
The film will be more realistic than the other two Cicakman films since it revolves around personal issues, there will be more action and I will also be singing the theme song! It's a rap song and they are trying to get Lisa to sing it with me. It'll be the first time for a superhero to sing his own theme song.

Lisa: Fans will also get to see Zizan's six-pack and in a tight costume, so don't forget to watch "Cicakman 3" next year!

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