3 big productions working together for "Cicakman 3"

3 big productions working together for "Cicakman 3"

At the trailer launch of "Cicakman 3".

31 Jan – The first and second "Cicakman" movies in the famous local superhero franchise was produced only by KRU Studios, but for the third instalment, KRU Studios has joined forces with Grand Brilliance and Astro Shaw to produce the mega movie that everyone has been waiting for.

With the combined effort from the country's three biggest production studios, also comes two directors helming the project; original director Yusry Abdul Halim joined by Ghaz Abu Bakar.

Yusry Abdul Halim.

According to Yusry, "Cicakman 3" will retain the movie series' action comedy genre, with funnier and more laid-back jokes. The fictional city of Metrofulus will also be upgraded in terms of its look with the usage of cleaner and smoother CGI works.

"Cicakman 1" was my directorial debut in 2005. At the time, many were skeptical of the project and did not really grasp my 'zero to hero' concept for it, as in how a 'loser' with a big heart manages to learn the ropes to become a superhero," said the director.

"But the experiment paid off and "Cicakman 1" was the highest grossing local film for the year 2006. Now, I can say that "Cicakman 3" is my best production, which is made possible by working together with Ghaz and the script experts from the country's three best studios," Yusry stated, at the launching of the trailer for "Cicakman 3" recently.

Ghaz Abu Bakar.

Co-director Ghaz said it is rare for a Malaysian film to be helmed by two directors. "Having two directors working on one film doesn't happen often in Malaysia. However, "Cicakman 3" is a big production and it justifies the need of having two directors."

"Yusry and I often bounce ideas off each other during scriptwriting, storyboarding, while on set, and the end result is very satisfactory."

Actor Zizan Razak stars in the titular role, replacing Saiful Apek who played Cicakman in the previous two movies. Zizan is joined by the likes of Lisa Surihani, Fizz Fairuz, Bell Ngasri, Azizah Mahzan, Rashidi Ishak, Adam Corrie and Rykarl Iskandar.

"Cicakman 3" will be released this coming 12 March.

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