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Juliana Evans prefers quality over quantity

Juliana Evans has no time for romance as she is focusing on work at the moment.

20 Oct – Actress Juliana Evans stressed that she is not demanding when it comes to accepting movie offers.

The "KIL" actress said that she does not set any minimum payment for her work as she focuses more on the quality instead.

However, the 26-year-old, who has only returned from Los Angeles earlier this year, has not had the chance to act due to time restriction and other commitments.

She also shared that she wished to act in movies.

"Given the chance, I want to act in movies because I can focus more. It helps me immerse myself in the given role. When it comes to dramas, I would prefer an interesting storyline and script. I think all actors and actresses use the same approach," said Juliana, as quoted by Harian Metro.

She also expressed gratitude for being chosen as the ambassador for four international brand-name products.

Meanwhile, the actress revealed that she will not be thinking of romance at the time being as she is not yet ready to enter the marriage phase, besides wanting to focus more on her career.

(Photo source: Utusan Online)

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