Raja Mukhriz is named Most Promising Director

Raja Mukhriz is named Most Promising Director

Raja Mukhriz wins Most Promising Director for the first time.

9 Sep – Malaysian cinematographer-turn-director Raja Mukhriz had won Most Promising Director for his second feature film "Ophilia" at the 27th Malaysian Film Festival (FFM 27).

But Raja Mukhriz told Cinema Online that he didn't expect that he would even win because he believes there are others who have more potential in winning the award.

"I've won Best Cinematography awards many times before at the previous FFM, but I never would have expected to win this award as I believe that there are others who are more suitable," said the director at FFM 27's post-party held at Plenary Hall, KLCC.

The director explained that "Ophilia" is actually his second feature film, but it is his first film that was officially released in cinema, as his first feature film "7ujuh" is still on-hold with Grand Brilliance.

Raja Mukhriz giving his acceptance speech.

When asked about his motives in focusing on the skinhead subculture, he explained that the main message of the film is on the strong friendship bond and brotherhood.

"My film is actually more on brotherhood, but I used the skinhead subculture because it is something that I can relate to the most."

Even though Raja Mukhriz is now directing, he said that he will still continue being a cinematographer to other directors who have strong scripts.

Raja Mukhriz also mentioned that he is currently working on the sequel of "Ophila" titled "Vespa Merah Putih" which is still in script development, but he refuses to reveal the cast of the film for now.

In other news, when the director was questioned on his views on FFM 27's new trophy, he said that he would've preferred to have cash prizes instead.

"I think having cash prizes is better. Previously I got both cash and trophy, but this is just my own personal opinion, I would still accept whatever is given to me," the director added.

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