Chiu doesn't mind if "OlaBola" doesn't break box office records

Chiu doesn't mind if "OlaBola" doesn't break box office records

Chiu Keng Guan the director of "OlaBola".

11 Jan – Renowned local director, Chiu Keng Guan who brought us "The Journey" presents his new equally inspiring movie that portrays the Malaysian spirit via "OlaBola".

However, despite the amazing record set by his previous film, the director admitted that he doesn't particularly mind the box office collection though he does hope that the film will perform well.

"In terms of surpassing "The Journey", I think it would be better to leave this matter to the production company and it also depends on the feedback from the audience," said Chiu at GSC Times Square after the preview of "OlaBola".

"Making a movie is not about setting records, it is about making a film that can leave a deep impact with the audiences," he added.

The director also said that making a football film with an 80s backdrop is not an easy task, but he is glad that all the cast managed to pull it off really well.

"OlaBola" hits cinemas nationwide on 28 January 2016. The film tells the story of the national football team who learns to put aside their differences and come together as a team in order to gain international success.

Directed by Chiu Keng Guan, the film stars Chee Jun Cherng, Luqman Hafidz, Saran Kumar, Marianne Tan, Katrina Ho, Bront Palarae with cameo approaches from "The Journey's" Frankie Lee.

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