Soffi Jikan gives his best in "Rock Bro!"

Soffi Jikan gives his best in "Rock Bro!"

Actor Soffi Jikan admits Mamat Khalid's "Rock Bro!" is a masterpiece.

21 Oct – Soffi Jikan, one of the lead actors in the "Rock" trilogy, recently shared that the final instalment, "Rock Bro!", will show a different side of Zul Kapan, his character in the movie who strives to achieve popularity.

"For this final movie, Zul Kapan will go all out and do anything to chase popularity even though it ends up hurting him," said the actor during the screening of "Rock Bro!" at mmCineplex ECurve on Wednesday.

Soffi, real name Mohamad Shoffi Jikan, admitted that he couldn't wait for the response from the audiences and said that they could expect a surprising ending.

When asked about the challenges he faced during screening, the actor said that all the scenes in the movie were tough for him as he wasn't feeling well during the filming.

Soffi added that it, however, did not stop him from giving his best in portraying his Zul Kapan role.

The Mamat Khalid movie, starring Soffi alongside Khir Rahman, Pekin Ibrahim, Amy Juliet, Kamarool Hj Yusof and more, is set to open in cinemas this 27 October.

Aside from "Rock Bro!", Soffi will also be seen next in "Bo-Peng" and his second directorial effort, "Ajib Is Back", which is expected to hit cinemas in 2017.

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