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Watch Manchester City vs Chelsea live at TGV Cinemas

Writer: Florey DM

Chelsea and Manchester City go head-to-head this Sunday.

13 Apr – Last week, football fans were able watch one of the Barclays Premier League Match, Spurs versus MUFC, screened live at TGV Cinemas.

This weekend, fans can once again watch the live-screened match, this time with Chelsea going up against Manchester City.

The match will be screened live from the match venue, Stamford Bridge.

It will be screened at TGV Sunway, TGV 1 Utama, TGV 1st Avenue, TGV Tebrau, TGV Station 18, TGV Wangsa Walk and TGV Seremban 2.

Each ticket is priced at RM20 per seat.

When contacted earlier, Senior Marketing Manager of TGV Cinemas, Celeste Koay, revealed that TGV aims "to create the live football match experience for our customers on our big screens, where you and your friends can stand and cheer for your team as if you're there in the stadium."

The live screening of the Barclays Premier League Match will take place this 17 April (Saturday midnight) at 12.30am.

(Photo source: The Independent)

Cinema Online, 13 April 2016

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