India-Malaysia movie "Oru Mugathirai" holds gala premiere

India-Malaysia movie "Oru Mugathirai" holds gala premiere

During the premiere of "Oru Mugathirai" at GSC Signature.

16 Mar – Among the Tamil titles that are set to be released this weekend, one stands out as it is a product of collaboration between India and Malaysia.

"Oru Mugathirai", helmed by Indian director KR Senthil Nathan, features a cast led by Malaysian actor Shures R. in his second starring role.

"I did two weeks of training with a psychologist," revealed Shures during the gala premiere held at GSC Signature yesterday.

In order to play his lead role as a man under stress, he underwent the aforementioned training prior to filming so that he could effectively express the correct body language and emotions.

Shures admitted it was not an easy character for a newcomer to play, as it requires the actor to really commit to portraying the stressed-out character. "Coming out of that stressed state was not easy," he said.

Prior to starring in the movie, Shures have had experience playing a lead role as he previously starred in 2013's "Krishna Thulasi". However, due to "Oru Mugathirai" being of a bigger budget and a joint production with India, there was definitely a higher expectation placed on the budding actor this time around.

Producer LD Saravanan (left) and Malaysian actor Shures R., who stars in "Oru Mugathirai".

Producer LD Saravanan, who also worked with Shures in his 2013 movie, said, "This is quite a unique production for a main actor from Malaysia to be acting in India for the first time and [the movie is] produced and distributed worldwide."

Saravanan also revealed that they will be filming a new movie this May, which will have a different genre from "Oru Mugathirai".

Meanwhile, Datuk A.Kohilan Pillay, who gave an opening speech during the launch ceremony prior to the movie's screening yesterday evening, said, "I must congratulate our Malaysian actor, Shures, he shows that Malaysian artistes have hidden talents."

He applauded the actor for being able to stand with the actors and actresses from India, proving that Malaysian artistes too have the talent to expand outside of the local film industry.

Datuk A.Kohilan Pillay giving his speech during the launch ceremony.

With Facebook as prime factor in "Oru Mugathirai", the story involves three tracks, each revolving around different characters including a college girl, an IT worker and a psychiatrist, whose stories come together in the interval.

The movie is opening in cinemas this 17 March.

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