Quentin Tarantino is getting his R-rated "Star Trek"

Quentin Tarantino is getting his R-rated "Star Trek"

The upcoming R-rated follow-up will no doubt carry a different tone to
previous "Star Trek" movies.

8 Dec – You see the name Quentin Tarantino, you'd expect the movie to be R-rated, even when the director's name is slapped onto a popular (notably non R-rated) franchise like "Star Trek".

Tarantino pitched an idea to producer JJ Abrams and Paramount recently and they've agreed to let the Academy Award-winning director give an R-rated touch to their upcoming "Star Trek" follow-up, according to Deadline.

The plot of Tarantino's pitch is unknown at the moment.

The director, producer and studio are now looking for a writer to pen the script. It'll have to be somebody comfortable and capable of handling Tarantino's materials.

They are currently looking at three writers: Mark L. Smith ("The Revenant", "Overlord"), Lindsey Beer ("Chaos Walking", "Godzilla vs. Kong"), and Drew Pearce ("Iron Man 3", "Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation") – with Smith being the frontrunner.

The R-rated "Star Trek" will be the fourth instalment in the rebooted movie series initiated by J. J. Abrams' Academy Award-winning 2009 "Star Trek", which was followed by the 2013 "Star Trek Into Darkness", also directed by Abrams before Justin Lin took over as director for the 2016 "Star Trek Beyond".

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