"The Book of Life" sequel is in the works

"The Book of Life" sequel is in the works

"The Book of Life 2" is happening!

16 Jun – A sequel to the critically acclaimed 2014 animated movie, "The Book of Life" has just been greenlit.

The original movie's director, Jorge R. Gutierrez made the announcement at this year's Annency Festival announcing that he would be directing the sequel as well and that Reel FX Animation Studios would once again produce it.

Gutierrez told Variety that the sequel grew from people asking what happened after the movie, to the characters and the gods.

The sequel would be a continuation of the story of the characters that everyone loved from the first movie.

"I am a big fan of romantic movies. I always want to find out what happens afterwards. That's one question we will ask during the sequel," Gutierrez said.

Though "The Book of life 2" is still in early discussions, Gutierrez said that he wished to have the creative minds and producers of the first movie return to work on the sequel as well.

Gutierrez, his wife Sandra Equihua and "The Book of Life" art director Paul Sullivan once designed a fake poster for "The Book of Life 2" for an art exhibition called Sequel where filmmakers share their ideas and designs for hypothetical film sequels.

The fake "The Book of Life 2" poster by Paul Sullivan
(Photo Source: Reel FX | Variety).

"The fan reaction was insane. I had to keep explaining that it was for an art show," Gutierrez said.

"The Book of Life" drew inspiration from the Mexican Day of the Dead and its main concept of remembering, talking or singing about someone who has passed away to keep them close to you. The sequel will be based on this as well.

The first movie focused on a love triangle between the sensitive Manolo (Diego Luna) and the heroic Joaquin (Channing Tatum) for the hand of the vivacious Maria (Zoe Saldana). The gods Xibalba (Ron Perlman) and La Muerte (Kate del Castillo) wagered on who will win and even went so far as to manipulate events to gain the upper hand.

With Award-winning director, writer and producer Guillermo del Toro producing the movie and two-time Academy Award winner Gustavo Santaolalla composing the soundtrack, "The Book of Life" earned over USD100.5 million, a dedicated fan base and critical acclaim.

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