"The Matrix" reboot is in the works

"The Matrix" reboot is in the works

Brace yourself for a "Matrix" reboot.

15 Mar – Seems like not a day goes by without any reboot news from Hollywood. Word has it, Keanu Reeves-starrer "The Matrix" is next in line to be rehashed into a new version.

A reboot of the Academy Awards-winning sci-fi movie is currently in the works over at Warner Bros., according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Reportedly, the studio is looking at Michael B. Jordan to play the lead role, Neo, replacing Reeves who previously stated he will not be working on another "Matrix" instalment unless original helmers The Wachowskis return to write and direct.

Screenwriter Zak Penn ("X-Men: The Last Stand", "The Avengers") is in discussion to write a treatment for the new movie, while the search for a director is still on.

There is no filming date and release date set yet for the new "The Matrix".

Reeves previously starred as Neo in all three instalment of the original trilogy, started by 1999's "The Matrix" which spawned two sequels, "The Matrix Reloaded" and "The Matrix Revolutions". The sequels were released about six months apart in 2003 but failed to replicate the first movie's success, which made USD463.5 million worldwide and won four Oscars.

"The Matrix" tells the story of Neo, a hacker who realises humans are living in a suppressed simulated reality and being harvested for energy. He becomes humanity's one true hope to overthrow the oppressors.

Neo was Reeves' stepping stone to action stardom and most recently he was seen reprising the eponymous role of "John Wick" in the sequel, "John Wick: Chapter 2".

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