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"Busut Bonang" mixes comedy with urban legend mystery

Writer: Nisa Irina

The cast of "Busut Bonang" graced the gala premiere that was held recently at
mmCineplexes eCurve.

16 Dec – Director Khalid Nadzri returns to produce and helm his latest horror comedy movie, "Busut Bonang", featuring an urban legend that is still believed by some.

According to Khalid, the idea for the movie was developed with scriptwriter Siti Jasmina Ibrahim, assisted by one of the main cast members Aloy Paradoks, which was then turned into a story about 'saka'. (Roughly, this Malay term refers to supernatural beings that are kept by a family and inherited from one generation to another).

"After receiving the movie title from Jasmina, I was intrigued because it would make the audience ponder about what its true meaning is. Many people think that this is a Negeri Sembilan movie but it's actually not.

"'Bonang' is one of the musical instruments used in a 'gamelan'. So indirectly, I'm crafting while imparting knowledge to the audience.

"Apart from instilling elements of entertainment, it's also a sarcastic snide to a society that still believes in mystical beliefs," said Khalid during the recent gala premiere of "Busut Bonang" at mmCineplexes eCurve.

He added that, with a cost of RM1 million, the filming was done in January this year in two locations, Kuala Kangsar and Ipoh, Perak, for 20 days.

The movie tells of a 'saka', previously owned by the late Cikgu Hassan, who roams the Bonang village looking for a new owner. At the same time, the late teacher's daughter, Julia, is disturbed by a supernatural entity. Joey, the owner of TV series "Merungkai Misteri" (uncovering mysteries), is called in to investigate the truth.

He tricks Lutfy, who is looking for a new job, to follow him and Julia. Unfortunately, they become lost during their journey to Busut as they are disturbed by the Penunggu Busut.

The movie features a cast made up of Nadzmi Adhwa, Along Eyzendy, Jasper Supayah, Rashidah Jaafar, Sahronizam Noor, Hairi Safwan, Aloy Paradoks, Abby Nadzri, Badrolshah and Ropie.

Produced by Alfanazra Productions Sdn Bhd, "Busut Bonang" is haunting big screens nationwide this 19 December.

Cinema Online, 16 December 2019

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