Most Anticipated Local Movies of 2015

Most Anticipated Local Movies of 2015

Which of these are you going to watch?

2014 was a great year for local movies. There were 81 local productions that made its way to our cinemas, which is the most we have seen in the past 4 years. Not to mention that among them was a record setter that demolished its predecessor as the highest grossing local movie of all time (Hint: "The Journey" with approx. RM17 million).

We certainly hope that 2015 would continue carrying that momentum in setting new heights for local movies, as we look forward to the local movies that will try harder to win our audiences to support our local industry.

While we haven't got the complete schedule of movies for this the year (because they don't get their 'Wajib Tayang' certification sooner), but here's our small list of local movies that we are already expecting to set a good pace for the rest of the year (and we're sure there's more good ones to come)!

Suamiku Encik Perfect 10

After being dumped by her boyfriend and forced to drop out from college in London, disgraced Aleeya Azmeen bumps into Zariel Daniel on her flight back to Malaysia. Using Zariel to act as her fake husband in front of her family, Aleeya is soon brought to a dilemma when she finds out that she is pregnant with her ex's child and is asked to marry him. Meanwhile, Zariel realises his true feelings towards Aleeya and goes after her, but will Aleeya go back to her child's father or follow her Perfect 10?

Adapted from the much loved third novel of Syamnuriezmil, fans would be glad that it this adaptation has been put into the hands of Global Station (in collaboration with Astro Shaw) which has done a lucrative job out of its adaptation of "Ombak Rindu" and most recently "Manisnya Cinta" (retitled as "Manisnya Cinta di Cappadoccia"). Originally intended as a super telemovie, this will be the film debut for director Feroz Kader. But with a leading cast in Lisa Surihani and Aaron Aziz, we are sure this power couple would present this romantic story with its twists and heartbreaks, to be able to score a near perfect 10 when it comes out in cinemas.

General Release Date: 22 January


While filming a movie inside a building, the film crew decides to record the supernatural events that they encountered during their shoot instead.

While it oddly shares a similar premise and style with Syafiq Yusof's "Villa Nabila", director Khir Rahman, Sein Qudsi and Aqasha have used a subtler approach which gives it an edgier sense of creepiness when compared to the flashy style of "Villa Nabila". The talents behind Camwerks Studio do look like they are attempting something fresh and this could be a noteworthy entry for the budding studio to prove that they are a force to be reckoned with.

General Release Date: 5 February

Gudang Kubur

A couple buys a warehouse to start their tiles business, without knowing that the warehouse already has its own 'residents' who sets a disturbing welcome. As the couple and their staff experience the supernatural forces within, their marriage and their sanity are put to the test.

While on the surface this looks like another run of the mill horror that is set in another haunted location that preys on its unfortunate victims, this next one by director Eyra Rahman (after last year's "Kelabit") is more veered towards being a psycho-horror, with less emphasis on the ghostly beings and more on the disturbances caused by them on the living ones. That's most likely where Faizal Hussein and Nora Danish will come in (for their first collaboration together), as "Gudang Kubur" will certainly need the weight to show a couple that is suffering from a marital and mental breakdown, instead of being good at horrified screams and faces.

General Release Date: 12 February

The Dream Boyz

A group of friends from the Drama Society club of their school set out to make their debut film before graduation. Along with the trials of pubescent friendships and the troubles of making a movie, they are also watched by the disapproving eyes of their school teachers, who thinks they should spend more of their time studying, instead of finishing their 'time-wasting' venture.

After making his directorial debut and subsequent reputation through the horror genre, Ryon Lee is now stepping into the inspirational drama which is not unfamiliar territory for him, since he did write "The Journey" afterall. "The Dream Boyz" stars Malaysian Chinese pop duo Fuying and Sam, along with a host of other local artistes Teddy Chin, Alvin Chong, Rayz Lim, Eric Lin and Joe Chang, and this will be their showcase if they have what it takes to make it as movie stars too.

General Release Date: 12 February


Falling in love at first sight with a female biker who is 'anti-man', a Mat Rempit decides to cross-dress as a woman in order to gain the trust of her and her circle of female biker friends.

If last year's "Mat Tudung" had you in stitches, then 2015 is not without its own cross-dressing romance comedy with "Coverina", and what better step to take this premise than to tackle the tough biker chick? Although this directorial debut by Khalid Nadzri is most likely not related with Wan Mohd Hafiz Wan Hussein's "Mat Tudung", but we'd bet that Pekin Ibrahim would make a just as funny drag queen as Fizz Fairuz's.

General Release Date: 19 February

Cicakman 3

With the rise of a new hero called SuperBro in the city of Metrofulus, a new Cicakman must be found to defend his title as the saviour of the city. But who will wear the cicak suit?

It's been more than 6 years since we last saw a "Cicakman" movie, and the acceptance of superheroes in the mainstream has been vastly different since then. But now is a good time to start afresh as any, with Zizan Razak taking over the mantle from Saiful Apek. Also changing is the tone that returning director Yusry Abdul Halim has said it will be closer to realism rather than the exaggerated humour in the previous installments.

General Release Date: 12 March


Chin Chye and Malik may be born of different races, but they have one passion, or make that two; football and the Harimau Malaya football squad. Their dream is to be in the stadium when the national team is playing against Thailand when disaster strikes.

We'll be honest that we haven't got much to go by for "Rembat" with only a very short (but still very amusing) teaser. But we fully stand by the premise of this second outing by "Kami Histeria" director Shamyl Othman, that we wonder why we haven't made more movies about our united love for football (or badminton). With a multiracial lineup starring Ah Niu, Shaheizy Sam and Zizan Razak, we are fully expecting this comedy to hit box office goal.

General Release Date: 27 August

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