Pekin Ibrahim's next movie is "Kampung Drift"

Pekin Ibrahim's next movie is "Kampung Drift"

Pekin Ibrahim was shocked by the news of his "death".

13 Oct – Actor Pekin Ibrahim is set to appear next in a movie called "Kampung Drift", which has just wrapped up filming recently.

In the movie, Pekin stars alongside Syafie Naswip and Pablo Amirul.

"Kampung Drift" tells the story of a man who wishes to fulfil his father's dream of becoming a drifting champion.

Apart from the movie, the "Bunohan" actor will also appear in "Juvana 2", coming to cinemas this 29 October and starring Zahiril Adzim, Johan As'ari and more.

Meanwhile, his first directorial effort, "Mat Motor", is expected to be released in cinemas on 13 January 2016.

In related news, the actor expressed shock when a recent rumour of his "death" circulated recently, causing much chaos.

"When I was in a meeting, I received so many calls until it drained the power from my phone's battery. Once done with the meeting, I charged my phone and was surprised to see almost 200 calls as well as notifications from social media of the fake news about my death," said the actor, as quoted by Murai.

The actor was quick to call his family and explain the situation, to stop them from worrying about him.

(Photo source: Rotikaya)

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