Bella Rahim shares throwback "Peninsula" photos

Bella Rahim shares throwback "Peninsula" photos

Bella Rahim makes Malaysia proud with her appearance in "Train to Busan Presents Peninsula".
Bella Rahim makes Malaysia proud with her appearance in "Train to Busan Presents Peninsula".

20 Jul - When "Train to Busan Presents Peninsula" opened in local cinemas last week, Malaysians were surprised and thrilled to spot theatre actress Bella Rahim among the cast.

Congratulatory messages have flooded social media ever since, as fans share in the pride of having a fellow Malaysian appearing in a high-profile film.

Bella rewarded everyone's support by sharing online several photos she has taken before and during the filming of the zombie action thriller.

In one of her latest posts, she shared a set of three photos that she took prior to flying off to South Korea to film the movie. One of the photos showed off her patriotism as a small Malaysian flag could be spotted among the items she was carrying onboard.

While Bella didn't necessarily get tons of screentime in the nearly 2-hour long "Train to Busan" sequel, her being able to act with popular Korean actors like Kang Dong-won and Lee Jung-hyun, plus work with director Yeon Sang-ho who also helmed the first movie that Malaysians loved so much, were enough to make fans envious yet proud of her.

The sequel follows former soldier Jung-seok (Kang) who returns to the zombie-ravaged Peninsula for a covert mission, expecting to make easy money if he succeeds. When the mission is thwarted by a mysterious militia called Unit 631, he is rescued by a mysterious woman named Min-jung (Lee) and her family. He stays with them as he tries to figure out a way to escape the Peninsula alive.

Where does Bella fit in all this? Watch "Train to Busan Presents Peninsula" to find out! Get showtimes HERE

(Photo source: Bella Rahim's Facebook)

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