Bella Rahim shares experience filming "Peninsula"

Bella Rahim shares experience filming "Peninsula"

Bella Rahim is proud that she gets to don the United Nations (UN) uniform with a Malaysian flag on it.
Bella Rahim is proud that she gets to don the United Nations (UN) uniform with a Malaysian flag on it.

23 Jul – Even though it was just a cameo role, it still marked a big achievement for TV and theatre actress Bella Rahim when she was selected to appear in the South Korean zombie thriller, "Train To Busan Presents Peninsula".

Having the chance to share the big screen with renowned actors like Kang Dong-won and Lee Jung-hyun, the actress, real name Siti Robela Abdul Rahim, was unable to contain her excitement.

"When my agent called me about the offer in May last year, I did not put much hope in it. It was such a big film offer, I officially got the part prior to heading there to film for a week around Daejeon and Incheon.

"The best part was when director Yeon Sang-ho as well as main cast Kang Dong-won and Lee Jung-hyun treated me like they've known me for a long time.

"Kang Dong-won asked about my background while Lee Jung-hyun casually asked me to take a photo together," she said, according to Harian Metro.

As seen on her social media, Bella has shared several throwback photos and videos of when she was filming the movie in Korea.

In the movie, Bella plays the head of the United Nations (UN) from Malaysia and had the chance to don the UN uniform that was designed specifically for her character.

"You have no idea how shocked and ecstatic I was when I got to wear this uniform that bears the Malaysian logo! If you didn't notice the badge, it's because I was wearing a bulletproof vest.

"Even though it couldn't be seen, the production's costume team made sure to follow the UN uniform in detail. Very thorough and no details were left out," she shared in one of her Instagram posts.

Recently, Bella attended the premiere of "Train To Busan Presents Peninsula" at a cinema in Petaling Jaya, where actress Sharifah Amani was also present to show her support to Bella.

"Train To Busan Presents Peninsula" is now playing in cinemas nationwide since 16 July 2020!

(Photo source: Bella Rahim's Facebook)

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