An "Army of the Dead" spin-off in Malaysia? Zack Snyder is intrigued!

An "Army of the Dead" spin-off in Malaysia? Zack Snyder is intrigued!

This will be so cool on a Malaysian location!
This will be so cool on a Malaysian location!

25 May – Can there be a Malaysian version of Netflix's "Army of the Dead"? According to its director, Zack Snyder, that could be possible.

In a recent conversation between the Hollywood filmmaker with "Paskal" director Adrian Teh, the latter spoke about the similarities between Las Vegas - the setting of the Snyder zombie flick - with a certain location in Malaysia, as well as a certain animal that appeared in the movie.

"Do you know tiger is our national animal in Malaysia?" asked Adrian, referring to the zombie tiger in the movie. "And the next thing I'm gonna say is I'm gonna try and pitch you to come over and shoot in Malaysia. Because tiger don't live in desert, man. They live in a rainforest."

Adrian then added that Malaysia also has its own Las Vegas in the likes of Genting Highlands.

"That's cool. Absolutely. I think a Malaysian spin-off is in order," said Snyder, light-heartedly.

Adrian Teh gets to interview Zack Snyder to promote "Army of the Dead"

Snyder directing lead star Dave Bautista in the movie

In the same interview, Teh also mentioned about how Snyder was returning to the zombie genre after 2004's "Dawn of the Dead". Asking if he was taking a break from superhero movies to do so, Snyder said, "The reality is, this canvas, this world, is massive and this alpha zombies and where they come from, there's a big world here to explore and it's really fun."

He added that "Army of the Dead" is one of the most fun project and the best time he has ever had in making a movie.

Snyder also stated that there is a possibility for sequels to come, adding that he is working on an animated series that shows the origin of the zombie outbreak and a sequel being shot in Germany specifically about the character Diether the safecracker.

The interview can be watched here:

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