Cinemas back in business: More movies to be released by 5 March!

Cinemas back in business: More movies to be released by 5 March!

4 Mar –Now that the government is lifting up the previous COVID-19 lockdown on cinemas and other recreational facilities, more and more movies are now being confirmed for release this month to celebrate this joyous occasion.

Beginning 5 March, movie fans will be able to watch several new films that will be on the offer at your local movie theatres. Fans of animation will be able to enjoy:

Raya and the Last Dragon

The land of the dragon is made up of five clans but despite its name, dragons no longer exist there except for one, a water dragon named Susi. When a dark force invades the land, a warrior named Raya sets out to look for the elusive last dragon, believing that Susi will be able to save them.

This new Disney animated feature is voiced by Kelly Marie Tran, Awkwafina, Gemma Chan, Daniel Dae Kim, Sandra Oh, Alan Tudyk

Demon Slayer - Kimetsu No Yaiba: Mugen Train

A direct sequel to the 2019 anime series "Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba", the movie follows Tanjiro and the gang after they have completed their training at the Butterfly Mansion. They are now working a case that involves more than 40 people going mysteriously missing aboard the Mugen train in a short period of time. Unknown to them, Enmu, one of the Twelve Kizuki, has prepared a trap for them on the train.

Stand By Me Doraemon 2

Nobita - following his previous adventure - has managed to change his future for the better, making Shizuka marry him. Taken by despair and triggered by past memories when he found a hand sewn teddy bear made for him by his beloved grandmother, he then decides to return to the past to re-meet her. She had died when he was very young. Nobita`s grandmother is happy that Nobita has gone back in time to be with her, and confides in him a great desire of hers - that she wants to meet his future bride. Meanwhile, the Nobita of the future who is about to get married with Shizuka and crown his `dream of happiness`, is seized by a panic attack and flees into the past to see Doraemon again, fearing that he is not the right person for Shizuka.

For all of you lovers of Asian selections, there are:


Vijay is a college professor and often gets into drunken fun with the students. However, the fun stops when Vijay and his drinking get blamed for a conflict between the students and is fired from his job. Soon, he starts working as a hostel warden at an orphanage. In the hostel, he realises that the children are either addicted to drugs or are selling them. He decides to find the source of this problem. How he discovers the evil minds behind this and save the children from drug abuse forms the rest of the story.

Starring Vijay, Vijay Sethupathi, Arjun Das, and directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj


Nothing can go right for Chen Xiaomeng. After heading to a bathhouse to de-stress from his flopping career as a film extra and a failed suicide attempt, he drops a bar of soap that a nearby man slips and falls on. As the other man remains unconscious, Xiaomeng takes the opportunity to swap locker keys, and assume the other man`s life.

The movie stars Andy Lau and Xiao Yang, and directed by Rao Xiaozhi

Shock Wave 2

Three years after former bomb disposal officer Poon Sing-fung left the police service, he finds himself a top wanted suspect in a serial bombing case in Hong Kong. The police think he is involved after finding him in a coma and injured from the explosion at one of the crime scenes. He is interrogated and imprisoned after waking up from his coma. As he suffers from amnesia, he can`t recall if he has really spent the last two years involved in bombing attacks. To escape from prison and prove his innocence, he teams up with his comrade in arms, bomb disposal officer Tung Cheuk-man. Meanwhile, his ex-girlfriend Pong Ling, now the Counter Terrorism Response Unit`s chief inspector, persuades him to infiltrate the Resurrection Group to find out about the criminal organisation`s next terrorist move.

The action film stars Andy Lau , Sean Lau, Ni Ni, and directed by Herman Yau.

Meanwhile, horror movie lovers will be happy to know that the creator of "Final Destination" is back with a new movie.

Don't Look Back

Caitlin Kramer is a woman who is trying to move on from a tragic past. One day, she and several other people witness a man being assaulted to death, but they don`t interfere. After the incident, the witnesses start mysteriously dying one by one. Before she herself becomes a victim, Caitlin must figure out if this is an act of revenge caused by a killer related to the man`s death, or there`s something far more sinister at play.

The movie stars Kourtney Bell, Will Stout and Skyler Hart and directed by Jeffrey Reddick.

Other upcoming movies include Chinese action-fantasy movie "Monster Hunter" (to be released on 11 March), "Godzilla Vs. Kong" (25 March), as well as "A Quiet Place Part II" (22 April) and "Black Widow" (6 May).

April will also witness the release of the highly-anticipated collaboration between Korean heartthrobs Gong Yoo and Park Bo-gum, "Seobok" on 15 April, as well as "Mortal Kombat", which will be released some time in the same month.

Gong Yoo-starrer
Gong Yoo-starrer "Seobok" to be released in April

See you guys at the movies!

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