"Mortal Kombat" will stay true to the video game characters

"Mortal Kombat" will stay true to the video game characters

The movie will be true to the video games
The movie will be true to the video games

30 Mar –Todd Garner, the producer of "Mortal Kombat", has recently assured that the upcoming reboot will honour and respect the video game series it came from, which means the characters in the movie will closely follow its original.

Garner, who spoke to the media about the movie, stated, "Every single fight in this movie has its own personality, and it's true to not only the game, but it's true to the character. So I can't tell you who's fighting, but there's one of the most brutal fights I've ever seen on film."

This also means recreating the brutal violence the franchise is known for, enabling the movie to be rated R.

Sub-Zero freezing Jax Brigg's weapon and arm in the trailer

This statement rings true in a sense, as the recent trailer showed brutal scenes including one of Sub-Zero freezing Jax's arm and another one of him using Scorpion's own blood by freezing it to make a dagger, and proceeds to stab him with it.

"There's also a beautiful operatic fight. There's swordsmanship and then you have a moment where you've seen in the trailer where Sub-Zero freezes Scorpion's blood and stabs him with it. So every fight has its own personality," he added.

Max Huang, who stars as Kung Lao in the movie, also agreed on the authenticity in another interview, saying, "I mean, to me it's amazing. And going back to the question early on regarding Simon [McQuoid], the director, I mean, I think authenticity overall is the strongest word that I have in mind when talking about this film, you know, and not regarding only the cast, Asian or you know, Afro American, or strong women portraying these characters, but also having actors who can really fight.

"I mean this is kind of like what the people want to see because the audience is not stupid. If we cut away to a stunt double and let them fight or not showing their face, people know," he said.

The movie will be released on 8 April 2021.

Ludi Lin as Liu Kang & Max Huang as Kung Lao

Lewis Tan as Cole Young

Jessica McNamee as Sonya Blade

Mehcad Brooks as Jax Briggs

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