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"Gadis Jolobu" plans to sue YouTuber for 'offensive criticism'

The film features the Negeri Sembilan dialect but ZhafVlog calls it "a disgrace to Negeri Sembilan people"
The film features the Negeri Sembilan dialect but ZhafVlog calls the film "a disgrace to Negeri Sembilan people"

12 Aug – The producer of the new local movie, "Gadis Jolobu" has threatened lawsuit against YouTuber called ZhafVlog for the less than stellar criticism he has for the movie.

Zebra Studio co-founder and Executive Producer Saraleana Nattaya Azmi recently spoke about the said YouTuber in an interview with the media, saying that she has already spoken to a lawyer about taking legal action against him over the criticism.

"I don't know who this YouTuber is? Does he have the qualification to criticise a movie? If he is a qualified movie critic who studied films, maybe I would consider the criticism," she said.

"However, he didn't express himself intelligently like one. [Director] CL Hor and I have the right to defend our dignity and our film," she added.

ZhafVlog criticised the plot of "Gadis Jolobu"
ZhafVlog criticised the plot of "Gadis Jolobu"

Saraleana stressed that she is not above criticism, but that it should be done with manners, especially to a producer who invests millions into a project.

"I may be new, but I have a strong support. I am worried about new producers who may not have similar support system that I do," she added.

Zhafvlog recently took to social media to criticise the movie, insulting the director for the quality of the film, 'advising' the producer to stop making movies, and describing it a "5 out of 5 Infinity [expletive]."

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He also previously angered Rita Rudaini for calling her an antivaxxer

However, this isn't the first time that the YouTuber caused a stir with filmmakers and actors alike. He previously angered activist Yusuf Azmi by calling the silat-related movie, "Syahadan" a movie without dignity and with contempt."

He also sparked actress Rita Rudaini's anger when he posted an edited version of the poster of her movie, "Rumah Maduku Berhantu" to "Maduku Anti-Vaksin", amid rumours that the actress was against COVID-19 vaccinations.

The YouTuber has not responded to the lawsuit threat, but posted that he has yet to release his honest review of "Gadis Jolobu", and that his previous post was just a trailer reaction and short review.

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