Anita Mui's brother sues producers of biopic "Anita"

Anita Mui's brother sues producers of biopic "Anita"

 Fan are wondering if the legendary singer's name can even be copyrighted
Fan are wondering if the legendary singer's name can even be copyrighted

6 Dec – It is almost a no-brainer that a lawsuit is now being filed against Edko Films for their biopic, "Anita", following the movie's successful release in Hong Kong.

Peter Mui Kai Ming, the eldest brother of the late Cantopop queen Anita Mui, has now sued the production company, citing trademark violations.

Filing the claim at the Hong Kong High Court on 2 December, Peter stated that Edko Films infringed his rights to two registered trademarks - including the name Anita Mui. He accused Edko Films of producing the film and using the trademark name without his permission and misguided the public.

He then requested the court to issue an injunction against the company and anyone related from further violating his trademarks and compensate his losses.

Peter Mui Kai Ming has sued the producers of "Anita"

On the other hand, in a statement regarding the lawsuit, Edko Films stated that their legal team has been handling all related legal issues since the initial planning up till now, and that they have handed over everything to their lawyers for further action.

The movie, starring Louise Wong (Wang Danni) as the Cantopop legend, has already raked in USD 17.3 million at the box office since its release on 12 November.

Louise Wong (Wang Danni) plays the role of Anita Mui

Meanwhile, Anita Mui's mother Tam Mei Kam - known to Anita's fans as Mama Mui - has recently released a statement denying involvement in her son Peter's decision to sue Edko Films.

Mama Mui expressed in her statement, "I will not participate in related matters or make a comment on this, and hereby issue a statement."

She stated that she decided to make a statement regarding the issue to let people know that she had no clue about the claim. "It has nothing to do with me. I don't want the outside world to misunderstand and think I was involved as well," she added.

Asked if she can persuade Peter to stop, Mama Mui responded, "If I do that, will he listen to me?"

Mama Mui: I have nothing to do with it

The late singer with her mum

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