Jennifer Lawrence scared of horror

Jennifer Lawrence scared of horror

Jennifer Lawrence in a scene in "House At The End Of The Street".

5 October – Despite being a star in Mark Tonderai's horror thriller "House At The End Of The Street", Hollywood's rising star and "Hunger Games" actress Jennifer Lawrence is actually deathly scared of the supernatural and all things horror, according to Entertainment Wise.

"In real life, I'm terrified of horror movies. If I want to watch one, I have to plan out the next three months of my life, because I'll know I'm going to be afraid of everything, afraid of the dark, afraid of elevators, afraid of my shadow," the 22-year-old said.

She remarked that she accepted the lead role in Tonderai's film so that she could conquer her fear of horror.

"I thought if I had the experience of actually being in one it would make less afraid of seeing them. I'll have to see how that one works

Jennifer Lawrence plays Elissa, a girl who falls for Ryan (Max Thieriot), the sole survivor of the mass murder next door.
"Jumper" actor, Max Thieriot, who plays the sole survivor of a family done in by murder and madness in "House At The End Of The Street" claimed that the horror fans will love this film as it is different from the others.

"It's not a slasher or horror film that's just trying to show gore and gross people out. It actually has a, you know, a good plot and good storyline behind it all," said Thieriot.

He added, "To me, it felt kind of like a Hitchcock film, like a mix between "Rear Window" and "Psycho"." Directed by Mark Tonderai, "House At The End Of The Street" follows the story of a newly divorced mother and daughter, who moved into a house in a small, upscale, rural town in an attempt to seek a fresh start, only to discover that the family who lived next door was brutally murdered by their daughter, leaving only a brother as the sole survivor. Cinema Online's "House At The End Of The Street" guests recently got the opportunity to catch the movie at Cathay Cineplex, e@Curve. After the screening, we asked the viewers about their thoughts on the movie and the number of stars they rate it out of 5. out!" said Lawrence.

Lee Yoong Cheong: "I'm fine with the movie. It's great. I was surprised when the killer was revealed. Jennifer Lawrence did a good job too! I would give it 4 stars.

Onn Lee Meow: "Not a bad movie. I'm kind of surprised by the ending. I wasn't satisfied with Jennifer Lawrence's performance, and I think they should have used another actress. I'll give 3.5 stars."

"House At The End Of The Street" will be released in cinemas on 11 October.