Jennifer Lawrence sues Google

Jennifer Lawrence sues Google

That's right Google, J.Law is not going down without a fight.

3 Oct – Jennifer Lawrence has recently joined Cara Delevingne in a lawsuit against Google. The "Hunger Games" actress has had enough when her account was hacked for a second time recently, and vowed to track down and prosecute the culprits, Metro UK reports.

The stars are represented by Marty Singer, a lawyer well-known for his penchant for sending menacing legal threats.

In a letter dated 1 October 2014, the attorney threatened Google with a USD100 million lawsuit, citing the company's failure to remove the compromising photos of the victimised female celebrities from its platforms as reason.

Marty Singer, seen here with one of his Hollywood clients Charlie Sheen, often defends
his clients by sending the offending party a lawsuit threat.

Nude photos of several female celebrities, Lawrence among them, were leaked online last month. Fingers were first pointed at Apple and its supposedly faulty iCloud service. Now the accusing fingers are being directed by Singer to search engine giant, Google.

According to Singer, Google has the responsibility to remove the images from platforms such as YouTube and Blogspot but chose to turn a blind eye to it. The attorney had sent a notice to Google four weeks prior asking the company to take down the images. Google has yet to respond to the notice.

However, a Google's representative has responded to Lawrence's lawsuit, stating that the company has "removed tens of thousands of pictures". Whether it will continue removing them until none is left circulating online or not remains to be seen.

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