Lawrence horrified over nude photos leak

Lawrence horrified over nude photos leak

Jennifer Lawrence's nude photos were leaked onto Twitter.

2 Sep – "The Hunger Games" star, Jennifer Lawrence, is less than happy with the leak of her nude photos. The 24-year-old admits that she is now worried of the impact of the scandal on her career.

Lawrence has recently fallen victim to an anonymous hacker, who managed to hack into her iPhone and steal the compromising photos. Despite having established herself as an A-list celebrity with her Academy Award and various other major wins, the young star is still worried that the scandal might have tarnished her image among her Hollywood peers.

Initial investigation shows that Apple's iCloud might be at fault here. A glitch in the service has allowed the hacker to access the celebrity's phone and storage.

Kirsten Dunst is the first celebrity to publicly blame iCloud for the leak.

Lawrence is not the hacker's only victim. The nude photos were first posted by the hacker on the website 4chan. The hacker even published on it a list of all 101 names of the female celebrities whose photos he allegedly possessed.

Among the celebrities named are Kate Upton, Rihanna, Kirsten Dunst, Kim Kardashian, Cat Deeley, Selena Gomez, Victoria Justice, Ariana Grande, Lea Michelle and Vanessa Hudgens.

However, some of the purported photos turn out to be fake. Victoria Justice and friends of Ariana Grande have stepped up to say their photos were not real.

Victoria Justice clearing her name.

The latest update in the on-going investigation has named an individual who might be in charge of the hacking and distributing of the nude photos. Fingers are now being pointed at Bryan Hamade, an American software engineer.

Hamade claims he is innocent and is not the hacker, though he did attempt to cash in on the whole scandal by initially wanting to sell Jennifer Lawrence's photos for USD100 each.

The photos started circulating on Twitter last Sunday. Now Twitter is reportedly shutting down any account that is still sharing the photos.

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