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Noomi trades tattoo for scars

Writer: Ng Suzhen

Beatrice (Noomi Rapace) finds hope in an otherwise bleak future in Colin Farrell's Victor.

8 Mar – Swedish actress Noomi Rapace first wow-ed audiences in Niels Arden Oplev's "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo". Now, she exchanges her tattoo for a scarred face to play Beatrice alongside Colin Farrell in the same director's "Dead Man Down".

Do not be fooled by Beatrice's exterior, though, the fragile-looking lady is one tough cookie who is seething with rage about her predicament and is determined to seek revenge. And thanks to Victor (Colin Farrell), she finds a channel to manage that anger.

In order to better portray the character, Rapace, who by now is familiar with applying body art to better express her roles, wanted more scars on Beatrice's face.

"I wanted more scars. Beatrice was hit by a car and almost died. When she woke up in the hospital, she looked absolutely horrible and she wasn't happy that she was alive. She kind of wished that she would have died instead because the damage on her face and her soul was just too much. She can only see that she looks like a freak and doesn't think that anyone will be able to love her. The Beatrice we see is not the one she sees."

So, do the scars on her face speak to the audience? We find out what our readers think about Cinema Online's special screening of "Dead Man Down".

Tiffany: "I enjoyed the movie with its plot twists. It was actually quite interesting, not at all boring."

Mohamed Shameel: "It was different from what I expected and wasn't really an action movie as portrayed by the trailer. There was a lot of talking with too little action scenes. I was really disappointed by the ending."

"Dead Man Down" is currently showing in cinemas now!

Cinema Online, 08 March 2013

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