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Ryan Reynolds almost loses voice

Writer: Elaine Ewe

Ryan Reynolds at the premiere of "The Croods", accompanied by Belt, Guy's utility belt and companion.

22 Mar – Canadian heartthrob Ryan Reynolds debuted in his first feature-length voiceover role in Dreamworks Animation's newly released "The Croods", in which he voices Guy, a prehistoric genius who comes up with revolutionary new inventions like fire.

According to SF Gate, the actor learnt that hard way that working on an animated project is not as easy as it looks and almost lost his voice.

Ryan expected to breeze through his animated project as he would only have to work for a few hours a day instead of the long days he is used to on set.

"The producers booked me for a few three-hour sessions. I was like, 'Are you kidding me?'"

However, as it turned out, after many recordings and re-recordings, the actor began to struggle with vocal strain, and was almost left speechless in the recording booth by the end of his sessions.

"My voice was gone. I was tapped out!" lamented Ryan.

"The Croods" is an animated adventure comedy film directed by Kirk DeMicco and Chris Sanders. Set in the prehistoric era, it tells the story of the first family, the Croods, whose leader and patriarch Grug (Nicholas Cage), is driven to his wits' end by his carefree and adventurous daughter Eep (Emma Stone). Things become worse when Eep stumbles upon Guy, an intelligent adventurer who warns them that the end is near, which upends their familiar life as they are forced to evacuate.

Cinema Online recently held a special screening for winners of "The Croods" contest, and here are what they have to say about the film:

Mohd Roshaidi: I found the movie really interesting. There was a lot of love in it and it was really funny. I'm 100% satisfied and it's my most recommended film so far.

Jessica Leow: "The Croods" was very nice, very funny! I would rate it 5 out of 5 stars!

"The Croods" is now showing in cinemas!

Cinema Online, 22 March 2013