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CO Movie Day: "Momentum"

Writer: Florey DM

Vikneswaran A/L Subramaniam was among the winners excited for the premiere of "Momentum".

15 Oct – Fans of action thriller (or just Olga Kurylenko) had the exclusive chance of watching "Momentum" a day earlier than everyone else prior to its official release in Malaysia.

Readers who won Cinema Online's recent contest for the movie passes were looking forward to an action-packed, adrenaline pumping movie that would befit its amazing cast lineup, which includes the aforementioned Kurylenko and Morgan Freeman.

"I saw the trailer and it looked interesting," said one contest winner, Sharyl Dayamon. "So I would like to watch the whole movie."

Alfred Kee showing off his movie passes.

Chin Sze Meng was excited for the movie.

Also looking forward to the movie, Anne Marie Warren.

Here's another action movie fan, Hairil Azhar Abu Hassan.

"I enjoy action movies" was the unanimous answer when the contest winners were asked the reason for wanting to watch "Momentum". If it's action they want, then the movie won't disappoint.

Ee Hock Chuan and wife enjoy movies of any genre.

Lee Wei Leng ready for "Momentum".

Contest winner Chew Lee Ting also looking forward to watching "Momentum".

Marcus Tan too enjoys action movie.

In "Momentum", Olga Kurylenko plays a mysterious thief named Alex, who is pulled in by her former partner to commit one last heist. She soon finds out that the heist is not really just about the diamonds but something even more secretive. Now, Alex must uncover the secrets behind the heist and the men who have made her a target.

"Momentum" is now showing in cinemas.

Lucky Cinema Online readers who get to watch "Momentum" a day early.

Cinema Online, 15 October 2015

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