The Evolution of Batman's Batsuit

The Evolution of Batman's Batsuit

Billionaire Bruce Wayne has many variations of the Batsuit, but which is your favourite?

There has been many Batman series and movies over the past 77 years, with it being the longest adapted film series than any other superhero.

Many actors played the billionaire philanthropist, Bruce Wayne, however, in all these productions many things changed but one thing always remained, the BATSUIT!

From his first comic book appearance back in 1939 to today showcasing an array of tech-savvy details and million-dollar gadgets, when the people of Gotham see that get-up, they know everything is going to be okay.

However, there have been many variations and improvements to the Batsuit, in conjunction with the upcoming release of "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ", we delve into the past to explore the evolution of the Batsuit!

Take a look at all the Batsuits over the years!


"Batman" (1943)

Why it's cool: Well first of all, it's the first ever Batsuit to ever exist based on its comic book appearance thanks to the TV series adaptation starring Lewis Wilson. The suit has a black bat emblem on its chest with white details to show the bat's fingers on its wings. He also had high-waist trunks since it was appropriate during that time's fashion sense. It doesn't look too bad as it matches his boots.

Why it's not: His cape and cowl are separated which caused struggle for him to fight gracefully. Plus, the cowl doesn't fit on his head well as the front mask is just a flap covering the actor's eyes and nose and the eye-holes are not properly designed for the actor. The bat ears look like cones and are bent, making him look more like a Bat-mite instead of Batman. Also his utility belt had no actual use and wasn't properly attached as it would move up and down during fight scenes.

Superhero Fashion Police: 1/5

"Batman & Robin" (1949)

Why it's cool: Robert Lowery's Batsuit had an improved cowl to fit his head, nose and eyes. It also has a larger, more visible bat emblem on the chest.

Why it's not: Still has the same cone shaped ears, but this time the ears were angled outwards, looking more like horns. His cape still got in the way during fight sequences as it is attached over his shoulders.

Superhero Fashion Police: 1.5/5

"Batman: The Movie" (1966)

Why it's cool: This version of the Batsuit as donned by Adam West remains as one of the most iconic suits. It is improved with a yellow oval to go along with the bat emblem, has shorter cowl ears by the side, and artists included details on the mask to show expression. The molded cowl also fits the actors head perfectly, allowing more movement during fight scenes.

Why it's not: The cape, however, still got in the way during fight scenes. Its new yellow utility belt was too flashy, and the gloves came with additional gear but as you can see, it's made of the same material so it's 'pointless'.

Superhero Fashion Police: 2/5

"Batman" (1989)

Why it's cool: The new era came with a lot of improvements and also, Michael Keaton! Physical detail was added onto the molded mask to show expression, and it only revealed the mouth and jaw. The suit was aesthetically molded from rubber and is completely blackened out. His longer ears only make him look more intimidating. (Fun Fact – His boots were modified Nike athletic sneakers.)

Why it's not: His cape and cowl are still attached as a one piece, and he can't move his neck which led to the 'Bat turn' (Moving the whole body to turn and look around as only the neck couldn't). And one more thing, his flashy utility belt just looks odd, what do you think?

Superhero Fashion Police: 3/5

"Batman Returns" (1992)

Why it's cool: Michael Keaton returns to play Batman again, but his cape can now transform into a glider, his torso has armored aesthetics, plus he has a lot more equipment this time! The overall black suit remains, giving Batman a little more edge.

Why it's not: Bruce Wayne was still not agile enough due to his cape connecting to his cowl, and was still doing his 'Bat turn'.

Superhero Fashion Police: 3/5

"Batman Forever" (1995)

Why it's cool: This film has two suits, a normal one and a sonar version as seen on Val Kilmer above. His cape and cowl had more mobility as the cape was connected near his collarbones, not interrupting his shoulder movements. The material used for the cowl however had allowed more head movement. His sonar Batsuit molded a large Bat logo to his chest. Finally, the utility belt is not yellow anymore!

Why it's not: Nipples were added to the normal black Batsuit and not to mention the shiny look... Batman isn't supposed to attract attention.

Superhero Fashion Police: 2.5/5

"Batman & Robin" (1997)

Why it's cool: George Clooney's suit has a more realistic aesthetic but still has a slight shine.

Why it's not: A shiny cape to go with the shiny suit, isn't Batman supposed to be one with the dark? And make those nipples go away!

Superhero Fashion Police: 2/5

"Batman Begins" (2005)

Why it's cool: Christian Bale's Batman has his cowl extending down until the neck which allows articulation. He has a huge bat emblem molded onto his chest and is aesthetically intimidating. Actual wrist blades are included with his ears positioned further behind his head. His utility belt has more improved equipment, and Bruce Wayne used the same belt while building the Bat cave hence its actual usefulness.

Why it's not: Nothing bad here, I mean look at him.

Superhero Fashion Police: 4/5

"The Dark Knight" (2008) & "The Dark Knight Rises" (2012)

Why it's cool: For this film, actor Christian Bale had actually requested a more comfortable suit, so they made it lighter, making him more agile and faster due to its slimness. They put a cooler Bat logo molded onto the chest. Also the bat ears are slightly shorter than before and are placed by the sides and at the back. Not forgetting his wrist blades which are trajectory and the cowl is just a helmet which doesn't connect to his neck piece, allowing for more movement.

Why it's not: Can't find anything wrong this vigilante suit, move along now.

Superhero Fashion Police: 4.5/5

"Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice" (2016)

Why it's cool: Ben Affleck a.k.a. Batfleck's suit is inspired by Frank Miller's comic series "The Dark Knight" which brings back the grey-black combo that hasn't been seen since 1979. Lucky the utility belt isn't yellow though! Plus Affleck's bulk fits the suit well.

Why it's not: His short ears would need some getting used to.

Superhero Fashion Police: 4/5

The 76-year evolution has seen just a dozen differing suits, which is your favorite? Don't forget we have this other Batman movie coming up soon too:

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"Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice: comes to cinemas this 24 March 2016.

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