5 reasons to watch the heart-warming "The Kid from the Big Apple 2"

5 reasons to watch the heart-warming "The Kid from the Big Apple 2"

Why are we excited for this sequel, "The Kid from the Big Apple 2: Before We Forget"?

Even after successfully pulling heart strings in 2016, winning international awards and making modest success at the local box office, we never fully expected a sequel to "The Kid from the Big Apple", but we are glad that one is finally here.

After managing to bridge their generational and cultural gap at the end of "The Kid from the Big Apple", the bond of grandfather and granddaughter continues to grow stronger with a sequel that releases this 16 November.

Here are 5 reasons to watch "The Kid from the Big Apple 2: Before We Forget".

Director Jess Teong

Surprising many with her directorial debut, director Jess Teong is not a complete newbie to the movie-making business. Drawing from her own personal experiences and thoughts to make the first installment, this sequel is also a story that is inspired from the heart to talk about family themes and ties of the Malaysian family. While some may say that she had beginner's luck for her debut, we believe that her story for this sequel comes from the right place, and with more confidence, she would be more able to deliver a touching story about family love.

Tommy Tam returns

From a role he was initially hesitant to take, he was quick to be on board for the sequel after reading the script. "The Kid from the Big Apple" definitely benefited from Tommy Tam as the grumpy and conservative grandfather. For this sequel, however, Tommy Tam's role will have a tougher time as he has to portray as someone who is slowly losing his memory, and turning from a lovable grandfather to one that incites sympathy. This is where we will get to see the Hong Kong veteran pull all the stops on delivering a powerful performance.

Sarah Tan and the teenage cast

Just as inseparable to the joy of "The Kid from the Big Apple" as the grandfather, is the child cast that provided much of the comedy and conflict to the grandfather story. While Sarah Tan played as a worthy foil as the headstrong granddaughter, much of the comedy relief came from Jayson Tan as the friendly neighbour. Director Jess Teong has decided to continue use the same cast who were children in "The Kid from the Big Apple", so it is endearing to see the grown up cast reprising their roles, and perhaps present a more matured performance.

New Faces

To avoid a rehash of the dynamics between grandfather and granddaughter, this sequel would be giving more screen time to explore the character threads left behind in "The Kid from the Big Apple", with new faces and new character. Making their introductions to the sequel is award winning Malaysia actress Debbie Goh of "Claypot Curry Killers" fame, who plays Sarah's mother, and Hong Kong actor Shaun Tam in a surprising role.

A story of appreciating our family

Continuing where the story ended in "The Kid from the Big Apple", this sequel expands on the relationship between granddaughter, daughter and grandfather, but their life takes a different turn when the grandfather starts to show symptoms of Dementia. Director Jess Teong intended this story to be about reaching out to our loved ones, and not be ashamed about asking for help in the toughest of times. This story is also a reminder that despite whatever misgivings we may currently have or in the future with our family, it is never too late to show our appreciation and love for them, especially when they are still around. Watch out folks, this one is aiming for the water works, but we would gladly bring our tissue boxes when we go see it.

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