Thai stars Fon and Peach enjoy first visit to Malaysia

Thai stars Fon and Peach enjoy first visit to Malaysia

Fon and Peach were in Malaysia recently to attend the Thai Film Festival 2019.

We previously wrote about "Bike Man" stars Pachara Chirathivat a.k.a. Peach and Sananthachat Thanapatpisal a.k.a. Fon making their first visit to Malaysia recently, as their movie was one of the selected titles for this year's Thai Film Festival here.

Not only did we get to watch them interact with their fans, we also got the opportunity to sit down with the duo and chatted with them about their movie, their work (Fon currently has a new series and three more coming up while Peach has to keep mum since his works are still in pre-production), and if they'd like to work in our film industry.

You'd be surprised with Peach's answer for that last one. We'll just say it, he wants to work with Namewee. Read on to find out why!

In case you're still not sure who's who, we've labelled them for you.

Cinema Online: Alright, let's make this fun, I want you guys to answer this first question for each other.

Peach / Fon: Sure!

In "Bike Man", the main character has a different job than the one he pretends to have. So what do you think each of you would be if you weren't an actor?

Fon: A businessman. Because he's already a businessman. Apart from acting, he has his own business in Thailand so if he's not acting, he'd be doing business.

Peach: That's a tricky one. [Looks at Fon] I think you should be a writer. She likes reading books. I've known her for more than five years and all the time I keep seeing her carrying a book, she's an avid reader.

How'd you get into acting then? Has this always been your dream job?

Peach: This is my last job. [Laughs]. Personally, I love watching films but I don't believe that I can do acting. I failed at stuff like public speaking, so I was quite reserved, I guess. It really was just luck, I was walking one day at a shopping centre and someone asked me "Can you go and at least do a casting for a film? We're looking for someone who plays guitar."

I went there. I thought I wouldn't make it. I was nervous as f***. Then they told me I got the role and I was like, "Really?". It was for "Suckseed".

Fon: For me, since I was young, I've always been a talkative person. I loved joining activities, I knew I wanted to be a public personality. Not an actress but maybe emcee, maybe air hostess. But there was this casting team scouting for new actors. So my first project was the movie "ATM: Er Rak Error", then the TV series "Hormones: The Series".

Both of you were in "Hormones" for years, how's it like then having known each other for so long?

Peach: So I've known her for six years, right, since the first day of working together in "Hormones". She made a really big leap from the first season to the second one. It was because of hard work, that's something that I'm impressed by. I mean, only if you put life in your role, work on it...there's a lot of the stuff in the script, [requires] doing a lot of hard work, preparing themselves on set. There's only a few people in Thailand that I know who do that.

Fon: Aww...I'm crying [Laughs]. So for me, six years, we're like real sister and brother. Because I have no sister or brother, so we can share everything. When we get the script, we can discuss how we can work together to make it better.

Peach and Fon's chemistry helps them nail their roles in "Bike Man".

Since this is your first time in Malaysia, what it is you really wish to do here?

Fon: We did it already. [Laughs].

Peach: We went to the Twin Towers.

Fon: Last night.

Peach: That's somewhere we really, really wanted to go to. Since I knew that I had to come here, so I thought "Okay, I'm going there!" We spent a lot of time trying to find a photo spot, lying on the floor. The security guard shouted at us because I was lying on the floor. [Laughs].

Since this is your first visit here, I'm not sure if you're familiar with our local film industry but if you are, can you name anyone you want to work with or any type of work you'd like to do here?

Peach: I've met some Malaysian directors before. I've been watching some Malaysian comedies. I think from a cultural perspective, we're pretty close so that's something that we can enjoy, the comedy part. Also, your horror story is quite scary as well. So that's intriguing for us to work on.

Fon: I'll be happy to join any. If I had the chance, I'd jump into it. Any kind of movie is fine.

Peach: There's one film, I can't remember the director's name. It's called "Nasi Lemak"...something.

Oh, Namewee?

Peach: Yeah!

Are you interested in working with him? Though his work does have the tendency to be quite controversial?

Peach: Yes. He's quite a funny person. I really like him, he's a really interesting person. I like the way he thinks. I mean, that's the purpose of film, isn't it? To speak out, to make a point, to deliver a message. If you want to say something, you should say it.

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