Thai actress gives advice for all "Mr. Hurts"

Thai actress gives advice for all "Mr. Hurts"

Mashannoad Suvalmas plays Dew in "Mr. Hurt".

21 Apr – Last evening, Ittisak Eusunthornwattana and Mashannoad Suvalmas, the director and actress of "Mr. Hurt", respectively, attended the screening of the Thai film at GSC Pavilion KL.

"Heartbreak can be enjoyable," said Mashannoad to Cinema Online, during an interview prior to the screening.

"Because the next time you fall in love, you will truly treasure and appreciate exactly how special love is."

That was the actress' advice to those who are facing the same situation as the main character Don who gets dumped early on in "Mr. Hurt". Mashannoad plays Don's childhood friend, Dew.

Meanwhile, director Ittisak said that "time is the best medicine".

"Though some people would say otherwise, time is what really heals you. You just need to wait for the day the hurt lessens and move on. There will be a time you can look back and laugh at what you went through and see it as a good thing," he added.

This lesson can best be shown through the film. "Mr. Hurt" is about a pro tennis player, Don Sri-Chang who gets dumped by his girlfriend, Anna, after she turns down his marriage proposal. But things start looking up when Don is reunited by his thought to be long-lost childhood friend, Dew.

Mashannoad (left) with the director and writer of "Mr. Hurt", Ittisak Eusunthornwattana.

Mashannoad, who is more well-known as a model, is also known as Lynn and she's been working the Thai catwalk since she was 19. "Mr. Hurt" is her first film and before this, she has been in commercials and music videos.

The director and writer of the romantic comedy, Ittisak, graduated from the New York Film Academy and previously co-directed a horror film, "Hong lork lorn" or "The Rooms".

"Mr. Hurt" is one of the five films being shown throughout the week-long first ever Thai Film Festival in Malaysia.

You can check out the film and any of the other four films featured in the Thai Film Festival: "A Gift", "One Day", "The Crown" and "Take Me Home", at GSC Pavilion, GSC Mid Valley and GSC 1 Utama until 26 April 2017.

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