Shaheizy Sam: "Polis Evo 3" is more laid-back and entertaining

Shaheizy Sam: "Polis Evo 3" is more laid-back and entertaining

Shaheizy Sam said he felt no pressure making "Polis Evo 3".

After two years of absence from the movie scene, actor Shaheizy Sam is set to return soon with a sequel from the "Polis Evo" franchise, called "Polis Evo 3".

According to Shaheizy Sam, or more affectionately known as Sam, in the third movie he will be reprising his role as Inspector Khai, along with co-star Zizan Razak who will return as Inspector Sani.

For this third movie, a different director will be helming it, namely Syafiq Yusof.

Even though the second movie sparked controversy as it focused on the sensitive issue of Islamic terrorists, prompting threats and boycotts, it did not affect the box office collection.

For the third movie, the producers are looking for something new, hence why Syafiq Yusof is given the responsibility to helm the movie, which will go back to its root – action comedy.

Recently, Cinema Online was invited to the set of "Polis Evo 3" in Kuala Lumpur and had the chance to interview star Shaheizy Sam, who shared his experience working on the movie.

Read on for our interview with Shaheizy Sam.

Cinema Online: Will you portray Inspector Khai differently this time around?

Sam: For "Polis Evo 3", my character isn't as heavy as it was in the second movie, which had me working out hard for it and it was also too serious, I took a year preparing for "Polis Evo 2" because the issue it focused on was very serious. However, for this third movie, my character is a happy one because this time the genre is more towards comedy, but it still has the same actions.

I also don't want to be too tired during the filming of "Polis Evo 3" and am grateful that this time, it doesn't involve too many challenges. Instead it focuses on strong family, action and fun elements that will attract audiences.

Did you have to get your body in shape like it was in the second movie?

Yes, since in the first and second movies I worked out for a fitter body, so for this third movie I have to do the same. This is because after I was done filming the second movie, I gained weight rapidly because I did not take care of my eating habit and exercised less. So I need to go to the gym again to get the ideal body. However, for this third movie, I don't have to build my body up as bulky as I did in the second movie because the director wants me to have a more normal fit look. So it's easier for me to get my body in shape in a short time.

Can you tell us more about your character in the third movie?

My character this time around isn't as serious as in the second movie. But what's interesting is audiences will get to see Inspector Khai's real character, in which his past will be revealed and it will related to the antagonist character played by Sharnaaz Ahmad. That's all I can say because the producers don't allow us to say more about our characters.

What were the challenges you faced throughout the filming?

I don't deny that it's not easy to be back in action again in "Polis Evo 3" because it's a complicated and challenging process. Even though the third movie isn't as heavy as the second movie, it still has its own set of challenges. So when I go on set, I already have this responsibility which is I have to do my best. I also don't think much about the challenges that I'll face the following day, instead I'll focus on each scene by giving my best.

Did you suffer from any injury during filming?

As an action movie actor, I can't escape from getting injured during filming. My body is not as limber because I have trained for so long, and I'm the type that likes to rush in without doing any warm up, I ended up with an injured shoulder. However, there are physiotherapists that's always on stand by on set.

So whenever I feel pain, I always go to them. It's not just me, but other actors also get injured, thankfully there are physiotherapists to treat us.

What are your hopes for this movie?

Like my previous movies, I hope for the best. Even though the second movie was heavily criticised by the public, it still managed to break the box office record, grossing even more than the first movie. So for this third movie that's more laid-back and entertaining, I hope that it will be even more well-received.

Aside from Shaheizy Sam, this Syafiq Yusof-helmed movie also stars Zizan Razak, Nora Danish, Sharnaaz Ahmad, Syafiq Kyle, Fara Ali Khan and many more.

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