Like buying concert tickets!

Like buying concert tickets!

15 Oct - Fans of Michael Jackson turned up this morning at the country's largest cinema GSC Mid Valley in MJ apparel and bought tickets in bulk on the first day of advance cash sales, as GSC Signature at Gardens reported long queues all morning since 10 a.m.

A mother and her two daughters bought tickets to shows at three different cinemas to compare the sound and get the best experience!

A queue dedicated to the Michael Jackson concert movie is set up at GSC Mid Valley, while free posters at GSC Signature were snapped up within the hour. Box office staff at GSC Mid Valley reported that most people are buying tickets for the 2D version at RM 13 instead of the regular version at RM 12, while ticket counters at GSC Signature were held up all morning due to patrons buying in bulk and taking time to choose their seating.

Advance ticket sales for "Michael Jackson's This Is It" had received heavy media coverage.

A mother and her two daughters were spotted at GSC Mid Valley in Michael Jackson apparel. Speaking to Cinema Online, she said: "We have bought tickets to three different cinemas to compare the sound system and also to get the best experience. We simply cannot miss this movie. Michael is truly the greatest!"

"Michael Jackson's This Is It" goes on limited release on 29 October 2009.

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