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No word on Yasmin's incomplete movie

Writer: Lai Swee Wei

27 Jul – The recent death of renowned film and advertising director, Yasmin Ahmad, 51, has not only impacted Malaysians but Singaporeans as well. Her death, caused by a stroke, raised questions as to what would happen to her latest film, currently in its early stages of production entitled, "Go, Thaddeus!"

According to the film's producer, Thomas Chia of Lighthouse Pictures: "We have no solid plans yet as it's too early to decide. However, our main investor in Hong Kong, Ascension Pictures is still keen on keeping the film and so does Cheong's family. Since this is Yasmin's movie, she was the one who worked on the film's screenplay and we do not have it with us. So, it is up to the family to try and locate where she had placed it in order for the film project to continue." He further adds, "But at the moment, we do not want to rush it as it would be unkind towards the family during this difficult time."

Based on the novel "Running The Full Distance: Thaddeus Cheong" by Belinda Wee, the story is a biopic of Singaporean triathlete Thaddeus Cheong Wing Kit, who died aged 17 from a heart failure during the run-up to the SEA Games in 2007. The film was initially scheduled for public screening to Singaporeans and Malaysians in August 2010 in conjunction with the Youth Olympic Games hosted by Singapore for the first time.

Casting for main actors for "Go, Thaddeus!" had already taken place at Cathay Cineplex Cineleisure Orchard earlier this month in Singapore.

Cinema Online, 27 July 2009

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