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Aaron Aziz too busy to care

Writer: Elaine Ewe

Aaron Aziz showing off his Yourgurt shirt.

18 May – Even at 36, there are no signs that Singaporean actor Aaron Aziz is slowing down anytime soon. Following the success the romance drama "Ombak Rindu" in which he starred in last year, Aaron won an overall award in Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian for Most Popular Film Actor, making local brand Yourgurt's decision to choose him as their ambassador a worthwhile investment.

However, of late, Aaron has been saddled with a controversy sparked by fellow actor Zed Zaidi, who claims that the industry is being monopolized by foreign actors. The Malaysian actor has even gone so far as to challenge Aaron to show his work permit.

According to Aaron, he has no time to care about such details, as he is currently busy shooting for his latest drama, "Adam Dan Hawa" and scheduled to fly to Makkah today with his family as both a personal and work trip.

"I don't even know how this came about. I only found out about his [Zaidi] tweets after my friends told me about it. So let him send FINAS or any government bodies after me, I'm always here. Zaidi doesn't realise that this meaningless challenge is just an insult to the government as it implies that they are not doing their work properly."

Aaron's attitude is just a testament of his do-what-I-believe-in personality. Endorsing Yourgurt is another.

"I don't really like eating yogurt actually. It's bitter! However, when they [Yourgurt] called me up to talk about the endorsement early this year, I thought, why not? After looking at the production process and tasting their products, I found Yourgurt to be something worth endorsing."

He added, "The main thing is, my wife loves it and eating yogurt is good for my kids as well."

Besides "Adam Dan Hawa", Aaron is set to host the next Fear Factor Asia and appear in the films "KL Gangster 2", "Dampak" and "Cicakman 3".

Yourgurt is a Malaysian-based brand that sells frozen yogurts and bubble teas made with a variety of fresh fruits. Their first store will be launched in HQ Seri Bangi this Sunday at 3.30pm.

Cinema Online, 18 May 2012