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"Seventh" places emphasis on CGI

Writer: Elaine Ewe

At the "Seventh" press conference. L-R: The emcee, producer Aron Koh and director Ryon Ng.

23 Jul – At the recent press conference for the local horror film "Seventh", director Ryon Ng revealed to us that his film will have special effects unlike any other. Out of the 85 scenes planned for the film, 30 of them will feature computer-generated imagery (CGI) work.

Together with producer Aron Koh, they had hired a prestigious special effects team from Taiwan to help them with the post production work. The film accumulated a budget of RM 1.8 million thanks to the extensive CGI and international cast, which involves actors Teddy Chin and George Ng from Malaysia, actress Mindee Ong from Singapore, actor Gino from Taiwan and actress Jwing Guan from China.

The cast of "Seventh". L-R: The emcee, George Ng, Mindee Ong, Gino, Teddy Chin and Jwing Guan.

When asked about how he came up with the idea for "Seventh", the Malaysian director said that the horror film derived its title from the seven days of mourning for the dead tradition. He added that he had experienced the death of a loved one before; therefore the film holds a sentimental value in his heart.

However, Ryon also admitted that he chose to direct a horror film because it catered to a wide range of audiences in Malaysia, regardless of racial and social boundaries.

"Seventh" tells the story of a couple who travel to a rural village for a photography project, but the infamous haunted mansion that they are staying at soon traps them in a web of tragedy and danger.

Before "Seventh", Ryon's directorial debut, "Transcend", will make its way into cinemas at the end of 2013.

Cinema Online, 23 July 2013