EUFF 2015 kicks off this month

EUFF 2015 kicks off this month

H.E. Luc Vandebon, Ambassador & Head of the Delegation of the European Union to Malaysia.

22 Oct – European Film Festival (EUFF) 2015 is just one week away from its official opening date in Malaysia.

This year, fans of European movies will be able to catch 22 movies from 18 countries. Three of the movies, "The Chair of Happiness", "A Gun in Each Hand" and "Only When I Dance", will be screened for free.

"Since its debut here in 2000, we have seen the EUFF grow not just in the number of participating countries, movies and screening venues, but also in terms of support from local moviegoers," said H.E. Luc Vandebon, Ambassador & Head of the Delegation of the European Union to Malaysia, during the EUFF press conference held yesterday at GSC Signature, The Gardens Mall.

"It is an exciting platform for cultural exchange, bringing Europe closer to Malaysia by providing a cinematic window into our heritage, stunning landscapes and diverse narratives."

During the press conference for the 16th EUFF in Malaysia.

What fans can look forward to this year is the discussion on the thought-provoking French movie "Dead Man Talking", where 2 panels will be present to discuss the movie on 7 November. The discussion will take place after the movie's screening on the day at GSC Mid Valley.

Tickets are priced at RM7.50 each, with the exception of "Purgatory", which will be priced at normal rate.

The 16th EUFF kicks off this 29 October to 8 November at GSC Mid Valley, GSC Pavilion KL and GSC 1 Utama, before heading northward to GSC Gurney Plaza, Penang from 12 to 18 November.

It will then hit the road for GSC CityONE Megamall, Kuching from 26 November to 2 December and finish its run at GSC Suria Sabah, Kota Kinabalu from 10 to 16 December.

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