"Furious 7" director to helm "Robotech"

"Furious 7" director to helm "Robotech"

James Wan circling "Robotech" project.

1 May – "Fast and Furious 7" director James Wan may be going for a sci-fi project next; word has it, the Malaysian-born Australian is up to direct a "Robotech" adaptation for Sony Pictures.

The project will be based on the 1980s cartoon series from Harmony Gold USA and Japan's Tatsunoko Productions, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The 85-episode adaptation was a combination of three re-edited and re-dialogued Japanese mecha - a sci-fi genre about robots or machines controlled by humans – anime series (1982's "The Super Dimension Fortress Macross", 1984's "Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross", and 1983's "Genesis Climber Mospeada") that give the producers enough episodes to air daily.

Get ready to see this on the big screen.

Sony picked up the rights to the anime franchise featuring giant armoured warriors back in March, but Forbes.com predicts it might not be such an easy feat to bring the adaptation to the big screen, as the likes of Tobey Maguire and Leonardo Dicaprio had previously attempted to no avail.

However, with Wan helming it, the project just might finally get off the ground. The director is a hot commodity at the moment; currently being eyed for other big projects like "Aquaman" and "Fast and Furious 8".

Wan will start filming for the sequel to his highly successful 2013 movie "The Conjuring", which spawned a spinoff "Annabelle" last year, "The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist" in fall 2015.

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