Tatum for all-male "Ghostbusters" reboot

Tatum for all-male "Ghostbusters" reboot

Channing Tatum as a ghostbuster, anybody?

10 Mar – Channing Tatum won't be busting moves in this movie, neither will he be busting any bad guys – well, that he actually will, provided the baddies are dead; because this time around, Tatum will be busting ghosts.

The "Jupiter Ascending" actor's production company, Free Production, will be producing the upcoming all-male "Ghostbusters" reboot, Deadline reports.

While currently there is no word from Sony Pictures on who will be taking on the roles of the ghostbusters, Tatum is reportedly being eyed for an undisclosed part in the movie. "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" directors Joe and Anthony Russo are set to helm the project, with "Iron Man 3" writer Drew Pearce ready to pen the script.

Also, no word yet on how adorable the new ghost will be on a scale of 1 to 10.

Director of both the original 1984 "Ghostbusters" and the 1989 sequel, Ivan Reitman, has also teamed up with original star Dan Aykroyd to set up production company, Ghost Corps.

The company aims to expand the "Ghostbusters" universe by capitalising on the franchise through merchandise, TV development and movies. The all-male reboot will be its first movie, which will serve as the counterpart to Paul Feig's upcoming all-female reboot.

Starring Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon, the female "Ghostbusters" is slated for release on 22 July 2016.

There is no release date set yet for Channing Tatum's "Ghostbusters".

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