Rajinikanth's filming in Malaysia postponed

Rajinikanth's filming in Malaysia postponed

"Kabali" is Rajinikanth's 159th movie.

20 Oct – The filming for the movie "Kabali", starring legendary Indian actor Rajinikanth, has been postponed.

The production is expected to still film in Malaysia, according to Astro Awani, but due to scheduling changes the duration will now only be for a month – from 19 October to 19 November.

The remaining scenes will then be filmed at Adityaram Studios and EVP World Chennai, where a film set with a few Malaysian backgrounds is reportedly being built.

YSCFN previously reported that safety issues and rules in regard to filming overseas were what caused the filming postponement.

In "Kabali", his 159th movie, Rajinikanth will play a role that is based on a real-life academic.

"Kabali" is expected to be released in April 2016.

(Photo source: eastcoastdaily)

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