"Apprentice" director drops a hint on his next venture

"Apprentice" director drops a hint on his next venture

Boo Junfeng (centre) with the cast of "Apprentice" during the Malaysian premiere of the movie.

22 Nov – Award winning director, Boo Junfeng, might have just dropped a hint on the subject matter of his upcoming film at the special Malaysian screening of his "Apprentice" movie held at GSC Mid Valley yesterday.

It is no surprise that "Apprentice" is receiving huge praises and accolades from all over the world with the recent win being for Best Ensemble Actors from the Hawaiian Film Festival.

But the director is said to be drawn into the 'issue of faith' which might as well be the main focus of his next film.

During the special screening that ended with the audience applauding the movie, the "Sandcastle" director was asked on his upcoming projects to which he replied " I'm still thinking but would like to contain a big issue within an intimate and personal narrative so rather than it staying as an issue, it becomes an experience."

The same can be seen in "Apprentice" as the movie takes on the issue of capital punishment in a more personal style rather than a didactic one which is something Junfeng's making a habit of.

The Singaporean filmmaker then added, "Right now, I'm drawn into the issue of faith, so we will see how it goes from there".

Often chided for his meticulous time-taking manner in writing and directing a film, the 32-year-old joked that he hopes it won't be another 5 year project as "Apprentice", but possibly a three year project.

Releasing nationwide on 24 November 2016, "Apprentice" starring Malaysian actor Wan Hanafi Su and Singaporean actor Firdaus Rahman will be playing exclusively under GSC International Screens at GSC Mid Valley, GSC Pavilion, GSC 1 Utama, GSC Dataran Pahlawan (Melaka) and GSC Gurney Plaza (Penang).